What’s for Breakfast No.1

So today’s breaa2474df2e68fce80197407491a4ecbfeeaaefe1c78567be82f8cc17af37ab8f0kfast for my father included mini pancakes, a fried egg (his favorite- basically he is obsessed with eggs), and a sauce of butter with chunks of tomato and ham. Tasty right?

In the other end my brother wanted mini pancakes with nutella and peanut butter. I can’t say no to my brother. And since the baby was sleeping I prepared some extra pancakes for my dog with peanut butter and ham. What can I say, I love making others happy! b08a7feb007d42b7fc831bb6c92b8c80acfc02b933d969ecb71621e631351bce

Have a good day everyone, and don’t forget that breakfast is necessary for starting strong!

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