Fashion lover: Styliani!

Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway...

Fashion in these days is so confusing; there are so many new pieces of clothes in the industry that you don’t know where to begin and where to stop.I see everyday in my life women and men that share a passion about fashion and their style is so unique that I want to compliment them. Their talent is obvious in mixing colours, styles and all that great stuff that make them beautiful and cute, and this weekly post will prove it.

So here it is; my first 3Q&A with my fashion idol and lovely friend, Styliani Michael.

Q: What is your favourite piece of clothing this time of the year?

A: My favourite piece of clothing for this time of the year is of course my scarves. They keep you warm and stylish. It is like choosing the kind of mood you want to keep in your style. It is all about details. For me its more like adapting my self into any “landscape” I wish i could be, either to be 10836346_10202853216325602_2072457675_na 20’s girl, a 40’s girl or whatever… as long as i am vintage and unique.

Q: What is your favourite style?

A: My favourite style, hmmm…I guess I am in love with everything that has quality, everything that shows a story behind, the effort to vision it, design it, to create it.Something hand made which is rare to find.

Q:What will you be wearing on the new year’s party?

A:On new years eve I will be wearing love and smile . Oh ! and red lipstick! My vintage earrings and a plisse skirt.

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