Garden lover: Elena!

In Cyprus we are lucky, simply because 365-day sunshine on the island allow us to grow beautiful gardens. Every respected Cypriot that has a big yard, grows flowers, orange and lemon trees and so many other plants. I truly adore our garden because I’m watching daily my parents and mostly my mum giving so much time, dedication and love to keep alive these beautiful miracles. Today I wanted to share her passion about creativity, so here is 3Q&A with my mum, Elena Charalampous:

Q: What do you love most about your garden?4c817ecab9fe24c36610c7cd5fa840f74f9afd2b567b36442de16d06888c1696

A: The olive trees of course! I dedicate a lot of time to take care of them and make sure they are the highlight of my garden.

Q: Do you have a collection you want to share with us?

A: Cactus definately. I recently started my cactus collection and I’m obsessed with them. I like them because they don’t need a lot of water, a lot of attention and they grow beautiful flowers.

Q: What does a garden really needs?

A: A lot of time and love. Whatever you give, you take. So after a long day taking care of my garden I always make sure to sit back and enjoy the view. It’s relaxing!



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