Art lover: Sonia!

Last Sunday I was praying to God to make the baby sleep deep for at least 2 hours. The reason was, I had promised to my dear friends Sonia and Alexandros I would attend their new theatre play ‘Blind Platon’ and it was very easy to break that promise being a mother of a 5 month-old breastfed exclusively baby. Surprisingly at 19.45 the baby fell in sleep in a magical way and I attended the play. I was very curious becasue from the first scene all the actors were blindfolded. How could they do all these movements with their closed eyes?It was impressive! As the time was passing by my emotions were heightened and I felt I had to write them all down so I could share them with you in this post. Each scene was full of intense and the music was good enough to make us feel agony or hope. Every song was perfectly set in that moment to make you drop a tear or laugh out loud. I got chills a lot of times,I saw myself up there, I sang along every single song and my favorite part was the famous poem by Maya Angelou ‘I rise’. To me this play should be seen by everyone this Christmas to remind a lot of issues we face in our life but never fully understand.

Here is my 3Q&A’s with the lovely girl and producer of this masterpiece, Sonia Georgiades:10850388_315657408622855_1745169496_n

Q: What is your biggest love in life?

A: Peace of mind.


Q: Tell me a little bit about your new theatre play.

A: Based on the “myth of the cave” of Plato, the performance ‘Blind Platon’ composed dance, theater, music and painting to bring out some social issues such as domestic violence, racism, homosexuality, drugs etc. All this is done in a series of short stories where artists are blindfolded.

Q: What is your next step?

A: I want to create this company were performers perform with closed eyes. Through each play I want to be able to cause the audience intense emotions and make them think! I want to create a performance company where people will KNOW that after each play they will be able to ACTUALLY FEEL something!

***You can watch the last performance of the play on the 14th of December in Nicosia, more info at:

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