Fashion lover: Emma!

Fashion, fashion,fashion… All women love it.. But not all can wear it!

I met this beautiful girl back in 2012 when we were at the same university. I love her style because she absolutely supports whatever she is wearing. So here is my second 3Q&A post with Emma :

10859457_10154916554875596_653954290_nQ: What is your favourite piece of clothing this time of the year?

A: My favourite piece of clothing this time of year would be long earthy coloured scarves, leather jackets, leggings; furry gilets are a must. Thigh high boots either heeled or flat; you can’t go wrong with thigh highs, that’s for sure. It’s winter so i play around with accessories, big hooped earrings and everything gold jewellery. After-all we need to find a way to stand out during cold season (haha).

Q: What is your preferable style when you go at university?10822630_10154916555000596_1227121292_n

A: At university i would normally wear something comfy yet chic. Scarves, leggings, jumpers, leather jackets (i love my leather :p) ankle boots, and accessories such as small pearled earrings, and a dash of make up. 

Q: What will you be wearing on the new year’s party?

A: I have been thinking about New Year’s party… It actually took me ages to decide what to wear and i’ve finally found an outfit, after 2 weeks of online shopping. I will be wearing a Tartan polo tight dress, my thigh high boots, a leather jacket, gold clutch bag, and of course gold jewellery.

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