Life lover: Christina!

Life… Do we live enough or simply exist? The situations may not be the ideal considering crisis doesn’t give us the financial support to our dreams but do we really need everything to be in perfect harmony to make the life we have always dreamt of? I don’t think so. If we were all waiting for the best moment to make the next step, to write the next chapter, to buy that ticket to see the world, to fall in love, to simply enjoy the moment we would all be dead by then. And i’m not meaning just in the body context dead, but also our spirit, our soul would lost the game forever. So I guess my point of view for today is no matter where you are, what you do, what is your plan for tomorrow, take some inspiration from the people around you that take it to the edge, and live every single second of this beautiful life. Go out, explore, make things happen and you never know, maybe you’re my next target for this post if you love enough your life…

Today I have the honour to introduce you to the cool Christina Andreou, a woman who I admire personally because I’ve seen her journey so far and believe me even if she’s just under 25 years old she has wisdom and strength in her and we should all take an example from her.

Read her 3Q&A for more insight to her world:

Q: You life seems so exciting. What was the coolest experience you ever had so far?

A: My coolest experience so far was when i hiked with my friends Piton de neiges , a mountain in Reunion island. We were walking for 7 hours to reach a meeting point with a kind of hostel before dark but we did not manage it and we were lost in the forest. After three hours we reached the hostel, slept for 3 hours and continued an hour hike to the top. We managed to get to the top at the time of sunrise. We were above the clouds and the view was breathtaking! one of my best memories!

Q: What countries did you visited so far and where could you live forever?

A: So far I have visited Greece, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Mauritius, USA, Lebanon, Serbia, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, UAE, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden and I’m currently visiting Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. I wouldn’t be able to live for ever in one single place because i am a traveller and always on the road…

Q: What you love most in your life?

A: My family and i am not talking only for my siblings, mother and father. Family for me are all my friends from all over the world who have a place in my heart. I love them the most because my life wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t in it; they shaped who i am as a person.

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