Working abroad: Anastasia!

Well, as all my friends know, I love living abroad. I consider it an adventure and I don’t want yet to stay in one place forever. My plan was to change work and country every year but plans change. God blessed me with a beautiful baby this year, so I’m waiting for him to be able to walk and the adventures will continue, i promise!!!

So for this post I got an interview from my cousin Anastasia Polykarpou, who finished her studies in Cyprus last year and she was thinking about finding a job abroad. A lot of young people nowadays are forced to go abroad to work because finding a job in Cyprus doesn’t work for everyone. I was glad that she was excited about doing a new start in life. Working abroad is not just a job. It allows you to grow and discover yourself. To overcome difficulties and learn how to be responsible for a house. To be independent and to be free. This post celebrates all the people who are working abroad:

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Q: How come and you decided to leave Cyprus to work abroad?

A: When I finished the university, I heard a lot about how difficult is to find a job as a nurse in Cyprus, as a result of the economic crisis. Also I wanted to learn the English language in full proficiency and get the advantage of having professional experience abroad. I have visited England before and have liked it, therefore it was a big opportunity for me to start a new life here.

Q: Do you miss your home?

A: Of course i miss my home!! there is no place like home:)

Q: Do you consider yourself more happy in UK? 

A: To be honest I feel happy with my life here, as i am more independent and I fill my everyday life with loads of activities (exercising), especially when i am not working, but for sure my life back home is constantly on my mind!

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