Fashion lover: Andriana!

Fashion is important for many people in this world. But to designers, fashion is their life, their passion, their reason to wake up every day. So today I’m asking an old friend from middle school, Andriana Varnakidou, her opinion on fashion since she made her dream real and studied Fashion Design. I had the pleasure to work with her in 2011 for a charity fashion show I organised and her collection was amazing.

10866812_10204437149664323_1364739154_nRead our 3Q&A to find out what you should be wearing at this New Year’s party to make an impression:

10822661_10204437149224312_1410660784_n Q: What is your favourite piece of clothing this time of the year?

A: Winter for me means one thing: hoodies! Cropped or not, they can be worn with anything and they are never out of fashion! Also this winter i fall in love with this cape: sporty enough to wear with converse but also suitable for more formal occasions! Don’t forget capes are really happening this season…


Q: What is your favorite style for university?

A: I always aim for comfort when i dress up for university! I’m usually in my sweat pants and a pullover or a pair of boyfriend jeans will do the work! Outfits like these can always be upgraded with the right accessories and your personal touch! Comfy but still fashionable.

Q: What will you be wearing on the new year’s party?

A: New year’s always finds me in a house surrounded by friends and family! But as a fashion designer, I would suggest to the ladies to keep it classy and fresh with a maxi dress in a minimal cut! Wine red is hot this season and it’s a beautiful color to wear for such occasions! Looks perfect with gold jewellery but still keep it simple because wine red is a color that can stand out alone.

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