Driving lover: Marios!

Hello there, it’s been a while….

Well today’s post is about every little girl’s hero! My father! Specifically is about my father’s job which by the way is amazing and fits his personality: social, honest, friendly. My dad owns a bus company that deals with mainly with tourists. As a young girl I remember him driving me in school excursions, making me the star of the day. Later when I was a teenager, he decided to teach me how to drive his buses… well at least he tried..!:P I’m joking, I know how to drive these things but don’t let me park them, hahaha… In university we made a promise to each other; that one day we would make a road trip together. My point is, I appreciate my father’s wisdom and experience and today I wanted to give something back to him by posting this interview!

3Q&A’s with my father, Marios Charalambous (Kapnos)

Q: What’s a typical day for you at work?10489787_490358457764688_1874505361496787435_n

A: I am a bus driver for the last 27 years. Waking up around 7am is typical. 8am I go to work. I am lucky because everyday I have to go somewhere else, everyday is different. I never get bored because I visit all the cities around the island. I enjoy the ride every time because i am with tourists and they teach me a lot about their culture. When I finish work I usually take the bus home and take my time to clean and wash it, like it’s my baby. My daughter always laughed at how I treat my buses and she said to people “My father loves my mother, his children but above all his buses..:)”.

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Q: What is your favorite place in Cyprus?

A: From all the places I have seen in Cyprus so far, i believe Akamas peninsula has a distinct beauty that only a few people have seen because of the difficulty to reach it. Akamas is wild, untamed and that’s why is a unique beauty of our island.

Q: What is the time of the day you value most while driving?

A: Sunset! No matter where you are in Cyprus, there is something magical about sunsets.

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Cheers daddy to everything you gave to me, to everything you taught me so far…

Cheers to everything that lies for us in the future, I promise to you the best is yet to come…


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