Cookies lover!

Hello everyone 🙂

Today’s post is about what everyone lovessssss: COOKIESSSSS!!!!

My baby needed a change to his breakfast and looking through the internet I noticed cookies easy to make with only two ingredients: banana and oats! I wanted to give a little bit more taste, so all I did was to put a banana, 5 spoons of oats, a little bit of cinnamon, half spoon of peanut butter and make a mixture smooth enough to shape it into biscuits. Preheat the oven in 180 degrees, wait 18-20 minutes (depending how crispy you like them) and that’s it. *you can add any ingredient you like; next time I’m gonna try raisins, dark chocolate bits or coconut flakes.

It should be looking like in this photo!!!96b4646a733e06ffb073fc8ca28c1f3e2fac349185081e77bb9c3b952f872e74

All you have to do now is enjoy! My baby didn’t get the chance to eat yet as my family and friends eat them all! So don’t worry if you eat a lot, they are healthy and delicious and suitable for everyone! I know it’s summertime and most of you try to keep that thin figure for the beach, but it’s a good breakfast idea that you can enjoy without feeling guilty..:) You can even carry them as a snack to work, or share them with your friends at the beach. Hope you like them!!!

Let me know if you try this at home!

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