Hey everyone :),

feels so good to be back home after spending a month in Angola with my family.   I really enjoyed it there and will prepare a blog post about it next week but first let’s talk about food, my favorite thing to do! They say eat breakfast like a king; in my case eat like a queen, so today I want to show you a royal meal for the early risers that will keep you full for a long time.


Start by preparing some French toasts with Edam cheese and dried plums, an amazing combination melting in your mouth!

Then create a simple fruit salad with grapes and watermelon, a fresh and cooling taste after the hot toast.

After that, make Feta & tomato scrambled eggs drizzled with mint, salt and pepper to taste.

Put in the blender chunks of watermelon to make fresh watermelon juice and then place it to the freezer. It’s so hot here in Cyprus that we have to put ice to everything, so why not put the juice in the freezer anyway? 🙂

Ok the last part of this huge breakfast is my favorite and I’m sure it will become yours too. Overnight oats! Oats is such an amazing food that makes me creative everytime I use it. Have a look at my recipe and help yourself:

  1. Oats (1 cup)
  2. Coconut milk(1 cup)
  3. Banana (1 big)
  4. Peanut butter (1 tbs)
  5. Vanilla extract (half tbs)
  6. Honey (1 tbs)
  7. Cinnamon(half tbs)
  8. Grapes (topping)
  9. Nutella (topping)


  • Mix very well all the ingredients the night before except the grapes and nutella.
  • This recipe is for 2 people, so you will have to put in two different bowls.
  • In the morning top your oats with your favorite ingredients. Mine are grapes and nutella but you can use extra banana, honey etc.


Love and peace,


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