Heaven is a place on earth: Arminou Dam!

Saturday 23rd of January

”Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The plan was simple; at 10.00 me and my brother Andreas should be in a car driving towards Arminou Dam in Paphos District. As we are Cypriots we were ready by 10.30, not a huge delay I must admit! It seemed like a good day with lots of sunshine and clouds changing shapes. That gave us the opportunity to put a little imagination into our heads and say out loud what each cloud could be. Most of the times we would agree but sometimes we could argue about a cloud being a hippopotamus or a sheep. I could clearly see dragons and unicorns while Andreas could see a mother duck playing with her babies while he was trying to be a DJ giving the appropriate theme to our little adventure! I always say a road trip’s greatest beauty is the music that accompanies you and fills you up with so many emotions so MIX FM did a good job! Thank you bro!!!


12.00 noon: After passing so many small villages (Erimi-Kantou-Souni-Kivides-Kissousa-Malia-Arsos) we finally made it to Ayios Nikolaos where clouds literally transformed the village into a mystical place. We managed to find the signs that lead us to park our car next to ‘Tzelefos’ bridge, the biggest medieval stone bridge ever built in Cyprus. And the adventure began…

I was always taught that walking is very good for our body and our health. But walking in nature was a truly unique experience. Listening to the water, feeling the wind and looking all the trees was relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. We walked on some stones through a stream and then headed into the woods. We discovered pretty cool things on our way to the dam. We ate some roots from the ground that actually tasted good, we climbed the mountains following poops from ‘goats’ -that weren’t actually goats as we figured out at the end- we found some self-made wood shelters of animals and wild mushrooms on the earth. We climbed a hill as the rain was falling on our faces and we watched a bird flying through the dam. Maybe all these memories seem simple and dull to you, but to me that very moment I was there, every little thing was a piece of a big puzzle called ‘ADVENTURE’. Everything was important, everything was beautiful even the black little bug that i noticed walking on the earth alone.

I was thankful it was January and there weren’t any snakes to bite me but I was trying to be thoughtful with my steps just in case. Silly me, right? The view was stunning from any spot. It was just magical! ‘Heaven is a place on earth’, I kept repeating to myself. We made it to the dam right after 15.00 only to discover we could just take the car and come enjoy the view. But it wouldn’t be the same right? Of course not. Our feet wouldn’t hurt, our shoes wouldn’t be full of mud and we wouldn’t be dehydrated. But this is what we wanted! We wanted an adventure and we got it!

Needless to say we needed 1 hour and a half to get back to our car because we had to walk up to the main road and climb over a mountain. I thought I couldn’t continue and my feet hurt so bad. In that very moment we heard a noise, turned around and saw nature’s beauty in front of us.  Four mouflons looking at us and then running away. They were so beautiful. It was then when we realised it wasn’t a goat we were following before but these stunning creatures.

16.30: On the top of the mountain we said goodbye at the sun that was lost in the clouds and gave us a panoramic view of the sunset . After Arsos village on our left something rose up to surprise us, a full moon! We were looking amazed of this wonder heading back home full of love, of miracles and nature’s stories. Personally I was feeling full! Full of life, of joy, of excitement.

Nature has always been my best friend in romance. Nature taught me how to find love by watching the moon and listening to the sea. Nature taught me to see kindness in all creatures. Nature taught me to appreciate beauty by looking at the green forest or the endless rivers. Nature taught me how to feel alive every day by waking up and walking outside. Nature taught me how to feel loved by God (whoever that is for all of you) and that love could be easily found on a daily basis through the sun’s kisses.

Nature knows that life needs adventure and adventure needs life so please ask yourself when you wake up in the morning ‘What is today’s adventure?‘ Even if the answer is ‘walking outside’, be rest assured nature will take care of your soul.

Peace and love,




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