Why I love tattoos.

People ask me all the time ‘why you have tattoos?’ like it’s a bad thing. What they don’t realise it’s the way I view tattoos.

So today I’m taking up some time to explain my viewpoint as Aimerlavie. If you wish to share your love of tattoos please feel free to send me a message on my page.

So back to our topic- Tattooing is a form of art. It’s like painting, drawing and photography- the only difference the canvas is your body. I enjoy watching artists all over the world creating all these beautiful pictures of nature and humans. I feel ecstatic when I see a tattoo artist performing- between the pain, the noise of the machine and the ink, I feel stronger the excitement of a new piece of art coming into life. 

So why I love tattoos?


It’s a way to express myself.


I want to remember important moments of my life. Each and every tattoo I have on my body was made after an event I wanted to cherish forever. If I ever forget who I am, I take my clothes off and look in the mirror and find out who I am again.


Life is too boring without tattoos.


They are so goddamn beautiful- and cool- and this and that… 🙂


Tattoos inspire me to be courageous and creative.


To be honest it’s an addiction! No one I know has just ONE tattoo!


Tattoos attract weird and crazy people I wouldn’t meet normally.


It’s my art- I like to search and study how a design can be a little bit more Marianna.

#tattoo #quote

I have a few tattoos spread on my body and an arm sleeve, but my favorite one is a quote on my right arm I dedicated to my son.

That’s all for today!


Marianna x

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