What time is it? It’s ‘Harley’ time!

If I have to describe my friend Elias to anyone I will have to use only this phrase ”He is a Harley Davidson lover”. No need to say more, I believe. He is the most passionate person I’ve ever met with anything that has to do with Harley as a brand, from glasses to books, from accessories to motorcycles. So imagine my excitement when I heard his new venture, the opening of his new business in Larnaca ‘Motolife Tours Cyprus’. I said to myself ‘I have to see this, let’s visit him’.

It was a normal day for me at work when I decided to have my lunch break at the official offices of ‘Motolife Tours’ near Mackenzie. Elias welcomed me with a warm smile (as always) and he gave me a short tour. The premises were AMAZING!

I didn’t want to leave from there. Time went by quickly and I had to return to reality. But I gave a promise to my friend: to share this place with the world and invite friends to join the Harley revolution. So my friends if you spare some time in Larnaca please give it a go and come here, I promise it will make you feel like home and you might even leave with a new Harley by your side!

Whoever wants to book a tour or wants  to keep up with updates, please follow the official page at Facebook: Motolife Tours Cyprus . Elias and his team are happy to assist you and discuss with you possible routes and activities you can do around the island.

I’m pretty sure you will have an unforgettable experience! Until the next post, ride on! xx

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