People that give me hope [vol.1]

AimerLaVie presents a new project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.

People that give me hope: Louis

Louis is a wedding photographer but I’m not here to tell you something ordinary about him…I always admired him from a distance for he is truly an artist. An artist of emotions, of beautiful moments, of eternity. His pictures justify what I’m about to say. He can capture anything and anyone. He can find beauty in the ugliness, light in the darkness, white spots on a solid black canvas.He is an individual I hardly know, yet I have the urge to share with you because he is a man that gives me hope; hope for a brighter future.

Enjoy his madness! And be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram and check out his new website  [].


10 random things about me 

  1. My ringtone: Taratatataratatataratatataaaa.not!!  i have the factory sound of apple 🙂 
  2. Favorite holiday:  A road trip in French Riviera  in 2013
  3. Secret paradise: My office! 
  4. My nickname: no one has  managed to stick me one yet!
  5. My coffee: Iced grande americano with 3 pumps of simple syrup 
  6. I believe in long term goals!!!
  7. I improve myself by self criticising myself  as a stranger. 
  8. The most defining moment in my life:  My first morning in Italian Alps when i woke up  and saw  the sunrise.
  9. If I won the lottery I would: i don’t play the lottery so i don’t expect i would ever win.
  10. Love to me feels like: the look in her eyes.





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