Celebrating creativity with Anastasia!

My beautiful cousin Anastasia is a natural goddess. With long black hair, a tall figure and a toned body you could say she could be a diva. But the truth is, her feet are well on the ground, being the most humble person i know and for that I admire her so much. Even though she is working as a nurse in UK, she never likes to rest, always searching for the next challenge in life. She is an achiever, a believer of truth and the most kind soul you will ever meet. But we are not here for her character. We are here to celebrate her birthday and her appetite for growth and creation.

This year she came up with these beautiful arrangements of chocolates and glitter bottles of wine, ideal gifts for people close to your heart, friends that helped you go through this year, partners that you appreciate or simply to decorate your Christmas table just on time.

The beautiful about this creation, is that even if you eat all the chocolates, the luxurious wine bottle stays (different colours are available). And even if you drink the wine, the bottle can serve as a decoration throughout the year, or can be a home to your flowers…

You can find Anastasia today at the 6th exhibition of artists; have a look at the link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/1025815967564162/ .

Share your happy birthday wishes, a warm hug and support her creativity. If you can’t attend the event, she takes orders online so just have a quick look at her page on Facebook, Anastasia Creations: https://www.facebook.com/anastasiacreationsforoccasions/?fref=ts and have a chat with her; she will be more than happy to assist you find the perfect combination for your guests.


Happy birthday cousin, I wish you a year ahead full of joy and love! xxx


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