People that prove soulmates do exist: Alicja

AimerLaVie presents a new project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.


There are only a few people in my life that I consider to be my dear friends and that’s because they have proved how bad they want to be in my life over and over again. One of them is Alicja, a beautiful soul I met in China back in 2013. After 4 years, I can say with certainty that our friendship is one of a kind. I came to the point where I call her as my soulmate- you know soulmates sometimes can be found in friends, not only lovers.

She has been there to share a shoulder to cry on, to support my ideas and dreams about a new world, to plan traveling adventures, motorbike tours and share simple things; a cup of coffee, a morning walk to the woods, a road trip with good music and bedtime stories.

She has been there for my son’s celebration events including his Christening and our Birthdays; she has visited me repeatedly in Cyprus and she has showed me her world in Poland.

She is the proof of the saying ‘The people who want to stay in you life, will always find a way’. Living in two different countries didn’t stop us from being next to each other at least mentally, chatting daily and figuring out ways to change our world, one step at a time. Her unique viewpoint on life, her intelligent mind and her beautiful character are what distinguish her from others.

For me she is a very special young lady; if you want to follow her awesomeness you can find her personal blog on Daily Alice on Facebook and Instagram @alicjamatuszkiewicz .



  1. A perfect day for me: I wake up in the nature, preferably wooden house in the nature, sea in the summer and mountain during the winter. I just breath the fresh air and feel the space around me. I am next next to the love of my life, my soulmate that I share my life with. We are sitting on the patio, drinking tea and watching our children and 2 dogs playing outside. I go surfing or skiing (depends on the season). In the evening we are meeting with friends, cook and talk. Movement keeps me alive and I share my happiness with people I love, who inspire me every day.
  2. My hero: Those who struggle with everyday problems and tragedies but can still find optimism and keep going with the positive attitude.
  3. The most memorable class I have ever taken: It’s not a class in the scholary meaning. I think that the decision not to depend on other people and take the responsibility of my own life was the most memorable and meaningfull class I’ve ever taken and learnt. Waking up from the stagnation and releasing that I am powerful and I decide how to spend my energy and create my life.
  4. My ideal breakfast: Fresh mango from the tree nearby my home
  5. I have 4 tattoos
  6. I like to spend my money on books and food
  7. If I retired tomorrow, I would be free to go to Hawaii surfing and working on the fruit farm and then go back and live in the mountain (preferably Italy or Austria due to the perfect ski routes) during the winter in the house with fireplace.
  8. People say I look like Sarah Jessica `Parker… but I don’t know why
  9. My favorite season is autumn! it’s between summer and winter. The little break before the most active seasons for me. It’s my time for planning and summing up.
  10. Last thing I bought was the book of Martyna Wojciechowska ‘przesunąć horyzont’. My biggest female inspiration.


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