250 km of memories #roadtrip

| Growing up is inevitable |
| But how you choose to grow is important |


To be honest I think I will never grow up the old-fashioned way. As time goes by I’m convinced I’m a child at heart, a hopeless romantic, a daydreamer! I grow up reading all sorts of books, believing in fairytales and magic; in galaxies and abundant energy. As a quote says, ‘What you think you become‘. So here I am! An old soul wandering around in this rollercoaster called LIFE.

I usually don’t celebrate my birthday with big fancy parties but this year I wanted to create something really special. I wanted to travel back in time in a place and a time where love and peace only mattered because I am so sick and tired of the society of today – Let’s not analyse this for now.

For one day, me and my girls became boho girls of the legendary 60’s and hit the road with Greenie, a lovely green VW Campervan of ’78 that was the star of the day. With balloons, flowers, good music and lots of cameras we captured all these amazing moments and we share this with you with a hope to inspire you and invite you to explore Cyprus, do what you love and follow your heart.

The vintage-theme road trip of 250 kilometers had a lot of surprises for us and the rest of the world;

we met other members of the VW Aircooled Cyprus Club along the way and followed them for awhile;

we went by my grandma’s- her smile meant the world to me;

we traveled along the green landscapes and blossoming trees of Cypriot nature- a sign that spring is finally here;

we had a picnic with my friends in the mountains; had to eat a birthday cake made of cupcakes- not difficult at all;

we walked by Xyliatos Dam and enjoyed the view of the peaceful mountains;

we danced through the endless playlist of music all day long and finally dropped dead on our beds at night feeling happier than ever.

Best moment of the day: making people happy along our journey – Genuine smiles were creating a domino effect!

I would like to personally thank my parents for supporting all my crazy ideas -CONSTANTLY;

Mr. Demetris Demetriou, the lovely driver of ‘Greenie’ for driving us with patience and safety (You can contact him for any events you might have in mind- just pm me for his tel.number);

Adonis Michael for taking our photos & videos along the way (You can follow him on Instagram @anima_mundi8 to view his amazing content);

Soula Palaonda from Solomou Garden Centre for creating my amazing flower wreath (Visit Solomou Garden Centre for the most beautiful flowers and plants ever- plus the staff there is really friendly and eager to help you find exactly what you need);

And of course, a big THANK YOU to my crazy friends for making my day so special with their genuine friendship, their singing-a-along, the silly jokes we shared and their lovely smiles – Styliani, Rafa, Alicja, Irene Stella, I’m grateful to have you next to me!

My wish for all of you is to be healthy to live a life full of adventures and road trips like this one! To find the passion that fires your soul and go for it! To be courageous to follow your path and to be true to yourself!

Love & Peace,

Marianna x

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