#Nightthinker Vol.1

It’s 2AM in the morning. Just woke up from a nightmare and all i’m thinking is how i’m gonna use this bad energy to turn it into a positive one. I take a pen and start writing my thoughts on this empty paper. Here it goes: ”They say you should fear of the night thinkers and the daydreamers; they are both researching the deepest of their soul, asking questions with difficult answers. They explore potentials and miracles; and most of the time they act upon their thoughts trusting their intuition- they hardly ever fail. I’m looking at my son – between the chaos of my thoughts he is my sunshine, my lifejacket – that glowing firefly guiding me to the right direction. My instincts tell me to follow his innocence; for a child only knows purity, kindness and love in ways we cannot comprehend as adults. If only we didn’t interfere in their lives and tried to control everything. Sometimes not setting the rules for life is the best strategy to follow so you can grow beautiful humans.  And so we continue walking upon this journey of life. Loving each other, laughing at our misfortunes, hurting each other, crying over heartbreaks, falling down on our knees only to stand up again. Becoming stronger and more fragile than ever.

Two questions are on my mind tonight –

Who was I before they broke my heart? 


Who was I before society decided how I should be?

I know, it is a long journey I have to walk to find the answers to these questions, but I’m positive it will be the most challenging, the most beautiful ride ever...



Day Dreamer & Night Thinker


Photo Credits: Anima Mundi Photography

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