It is about time…

‘Golden Hour’

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Beirut for about 10 hours; it was a super-fast trip, made possible with the help of the visionary masterminds behind Aviator Flight Centre & Aviation Minds, Mr Nicos Kountouris and Mrs Nadine Itani respectively. While I’m preparing a very nice video to elaborate on my visit to Lebanon for that day, I still want to give you something extra regarding the trip. And I believe I should share with you a piece of written art, that got my attention on that beautiful afternoon on Thursday with the sunset falling on my back while I was reading about time at the Executive Aircraft Lounge. So here it goes…


Time is flying burning on its way what is the rest of our lives; leaving behind nice memories and bitter moments… Time passes by allowing us to look back, but never to go back!


A powerful thing that we have, yet we will never own. A rare gift that once lost, we can never find it back. A precious present from the universe that can ease pain, erase hatred, bring back people together or put them apart.

Haven’t we wished, begged, prayed for a minute longer? For a second that could have changed the path of our lives? Haven’t we all taken for granted valuable moments, that once gone, we spend the rest of our lives regretting, digging graves looking for absolution?

Time to share | to give |

Time to forgive | to love |

Time to be happy.

We live our everyday lives as if we were eternally granted time, caring about superficial things, trying to exchange this great donation of the universe with money, stealing every moment dedicated to our loved ones, transferring it to a fake account called work, pretending to buy happiness.

Time is just like a candle which melts under the flame of life; choice is ours, either we enlighten the darkness of our path with its flame or we just let it burn our visions with its flamboyant light.

Isn’t it about time to take the time to listen? | To hear ourselves.

Isn’t time to open your eyes? | To look at life.

Isn’t about time to speak? | To say the truth & to express some love.

Isn’t about time to show some affection | To reveal the veil?

Isn’t about time to grab & give, to live, to love, to be happy, to help, to enjoy, to remember, to forget and to forgive?

There is never better time than the time we have at this very moment.

It is about time…

Written by Mona Sabongi, CEO of ‘Seulement Pour VIP’

Take-off | Beirut- Rafic Hariri International Airport

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