Two-wheel passion festival & DGR Limassol | Meet the masterminds|

For this post I’ll just name two events; Two-Wheel Passion Festival and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride; Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about those greatly combined events that took place last month over a very special weekend in Limassol. To us, the motorbike lovers it was a marvellous concept and we were very excited to be a part of all this. We were able to see some of the most beautiful vintage, classic & custom motorcycles, while we had the chance to support a fundraiser event.



I had the curiosity to meet the masterminds behind such a clever idea, so I looked for the most dapper looking guys at the event. Behind a booth I saw them all together; Renos, Panayiotis and his wife Elena were out of place and time, living in another era, perhaps it was 1950’s where gentle words and kind smiles were not forced but given purely by heart. And they all did smile to me, welcoming me and my friends  so warmly to the event.

Meet Panayiotis


Panayiotis Demetriades, the mastermind behind The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and official host of the event for the past 3 years, is in fact a Shoe Designer in real life, who loves adventures in the wild and rides every now and then in expeditions to Asia and Europe. He admitted that a lot of hard work was put by the team to create these events and most of it came out at a personal cost. It is remarkable that DGR Limassol managed to grow fast in numbers over the last 3 years and he feels very proud of it.

Distinguished Gentlemen: 7 in 2015 -> 107 in 2016 -> 197 in 2017


Panayiotis shared with us that more sponsors will change dramatically the course of the festival and it will allow the team to create the best motorbike show on the island! It is obvious their love drives their passion and these guys are not doing it for the money, it’s just a cause that is very dear to their heart and they just want to share it with the whole world.

Meet Renos


Renos Demetriou, the mastermind behind the Two-Wheel Passion Festival, is in fact a Brand Engineer and a very passionate animal lover; his style and way of thinking remind me of Steve Jobs and I can see that he is deep into innovation thinking. The experience he’s got from being a member in different committees from around the world, meeting so many different people with interesting cultures, is being used well now in the motoworld of Cyprus. Creating the festival from scratch & bringing in life his dream is an extraordinary act upon his thoughts. He admitted that a lot of concepts and ideas are still at the back of his head and year by year the festival will grow into something bigger, so we will have to wait and see what is coming up.

The cafe culture is not common in Cyprus but the movement has started and I bet it is going to be a lovely ride. It is already proved by the DGR and TWPF growth and public support. The foundations are well established by these two gentlemen; it was my honour to spend a creative afternoon with them, listening to their childhood stories and future thoughts.


Meet Elena


All this wouldn’t be possible without the KEY player in the story: Mrs Elena, Panayiotis wife. They say behind every successful man there is a passionate woman. First time I saw her, riding her scooter with her beautiful daughter, Marie-Nicole, at the back I was super excited. Not because she could ride the motorbike; but simply because she can be a role-model to all mothers and wives out there. She is the superhuman in this beautiful story, supporting the vision and the ideas of these guys, growing a beautiful ginger soul into a fine young lady by the highest standards.

As she confessed to me, her love for motorbikes is something that is deeply connected with the sense of freedom. She rides because of the feeling of freedom, while she doesn’t mind to seat as a second passenger with her husband to enjoy his company as well; I can see they both love each other in a very beautiful way and I do wish them to continue this beautiful journey in life, riding into the same direction for years to come.

She admitted to me that she is in love with a Hercules motorbike she saw  in Germany, while her dream is to drive one classic motorbike into the streets of Austria. I believe she is one of the coolest ladies in Cyprus, don’t you agree?:)


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” Two-Wheel Passion Festival | The Aftermath|”


Panayiotis’s motorbike | BMW R80


Renos’ motorbike | DUCATI 900SS CAFE RACER

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