Meet a vintage soul 

I always felt nostalgic of past times. So when Mihalis, an amazing hair stylist from Hairspray, recommended dying my hair in a different colour and doing a pin-up hairstyle for me I couldn’t resist and gladly said ‘please do as you wish’. He created a stunning result as you can see below, making me feel like a lady from a different era. Some friends called me Agent Carter, while others said i look like Jessica Rabbit; they all made me blush actually.

To my eyes, i look like a vintage soul coming to life from an old movie and I really love my new self. Isn’t all about loving yourself first, making Y O U happy, gaining an independent mind so nothing can touch you? I think i’m on the right track! Enjoy the journey back in time x

22811520_1972372913008900_987195060_n (1)



22855514_1972372756342249_306215625_n (1)

Pin-up hairstyle by Michalis | Thank you for making me feel like a proper lady |

Powered by Hairspray

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Feeling Nostalgic

I’m the type of girl
that should’ve been born
in the era
of handwritten letters
and chocolate and flowers
the era where holding hands
was considered a big thing
when boys asked
a girl’s parents
for permission
to take her out
the era where
was real.




agent carter goast



Photo Credits Anima Mundi Photography

Vintage wintertime by Kasetophono



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