Leda Theo presents ‘AROMA’!


Featuring Leda Theophylaktou on Aimerlavie’s project ”People that are special” a while ago, was a sincere appreciation of art and human character; Divine, lost in her dreamy world full of colors she showed me that humans can excel in solitude.


I have been following her journey ever since and i’m proud to write for her again, this time because her exhibition is only a few days away. We came close through her art, because everything she does has something to do with nature and I really love nature…


This year she presents the visual exhibition ‘AROMA’; a sea of floral oil paintings  that she created after being inspired from spring in Cyprus, for which we all hold a special place in our heart.

invitation AROMA by Leda Theo 10-12 May

Quick Facts for the Art Exhibition

Artist: Leda Theo

Theme: Floral
Dates: May 10-11-12

Place: The Gym Project (87-89 Onassagorou, Nicosia)
Opening night: Thursday 10/5 at 19:00 with wine.

In-Gallery conversation: On Friday 11/5, at 19:00 with Mrs Lia Ellinas Tornaritis.
Last Day: Saturday 12/5.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1509811752498751/

We will see you there! x.x


Find LEDA online

www.ledatheo.com | FB: Leda Theo | Instagram @ledatheo



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