Look up..

Greetings brothers and sisters.

I have been asked by the composer of this portal, to give a little bit of me in this pool of thoughts, opinions and emotions called Aimerlavie.

I ask for your forgiveness in advance if you find the piece to be boring, formless, incorrect grammatically or even painful to the eyes. I only wish to experiment by expressing the raw primary “material” that are produced when I often stop maintaining my social “campaign”…. and just… look up.

Identifying the urge

Let’s take it from the beginning.

What is the urge you feel that makes you look up he asked curiously.

Well, in the course of my life I was involved in all social pre-sets and “contracts” that have been established with an “forceful” authority.  No complains and no radical opposition towards the “system” here. I just sometimes, can’t breathe.

I get choked by injustice, bitterness, greed and unnecessary deaths.

I define the above as:

Injustice:  The ability of a human to steal the energy, pain and efforts, deposited by purehearted people.

Bitterness: The act of bitter poisoning people who thrive.

Greed: No need to comment… you all know what that is

Unnecessary death: The masterful skill of the few that brings the death of people, the youth, dreams, of talent, of healthy innovation and last but not least, the death of a planet.

All this, makes me short of breath.. Thankfully, a natural defense “mechanism” has developed. The urge to look up.

Looking up

I always seek to find the spot which gives me “protection” from the ongoing flow outside; meaning somewhere quiet, peaceful and green.  My sight is pulled up, as if a powerful magnet interacts with my eyes. The view? Billions of flickering lights consisting of stars, planets, galaxies and other heavenly bodies.  My only thought is to document the movement. The rotation of things. The vibration of our planet. My weapons? A camera, a tripod and an intervalometer.

Click, click, click

I set my camera with the below:

  • Manual mode
  • Shutter speed: 15-25 seconds
  • The “fastest” aperture you can use F/2.8-F/4 (Set your lens on the infinity sign)
  • Manual focus (Make sure to focus in advance prior the shots)
  • White balance to daylight
  • ISO no more than 1600

Implement the intervalometer to your camera and let it shoot as much as much as possible. Until your camera runs out of battery or storage.

This amazing ability the camera has to capture the movement of the earth when the stars are in focus, fascinates every cell of my body, to a point that the connection between me and the absolute is much experienced.

Click Here for the Time Lapse video

Looking up is a self-reminder that our home is also a flickering light amongst the vastness of space, a pale blue dot as put by Carl Sagan and the only flickering light we know that  holds life.

Unfortunately, we are not the policymakers who can inflict an immediate change on the damaging lifestyle we have. We only can be patient that people will stop the sleep to hide. Should you choose to look up and comprehend the responsibility we have to protect this world, you will never be unjust, bitter, greedy, nor shall you provoke unnecessary deaths.

Anima Mundi

September, 2019

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