10 floral Insta accounts we are obsessed with!

Spring season is officially here and you all know that Aimerlavie loves flowers and anything that has to do with them, especially in the Instagram world – check out our #floratherapy highlight for more.

On this post we wanted to share with you 10 floral Instagram accounts we are obsessed with and we look upon them for inspiration – if you love flower studios, floral set-ups, green plants and pressed flowers scroll down to see our recommended ‘to-follow-list’ for your daily inspo.

and the flowers bloom, like madness in the spring…

#1 | NEW WORK based

Mihalis from Cyprus, is the founder of @fullinyc, a floral studio where anything is possible. You will find him in New York, between flowers and plants, creating floral stories for very special moments. I personally admire him for his knowledge, his research on each plant and his endless creativity. You can read his story here.

Follow his Insta account | @mihalisnyc

#2| STOCKHOLM based

If you like minimalism, here is _j_u_n_g_l_e_ , a Scandinavian plant lover that takes beautiful, simple photos and shares them with the rest of the world. The account is featured at Vogue UK as one of the best garden Instagram account – check it here.

Follow his Insta account | @_j_u_n_g_l_e_

#3| SOUTH KOREA based

La Poetique, from South Korea, creates stunning table centerpieces and floral wreaths which I personally adore for the simplicity and the color palette she chooses every time.

Follow her Insta account | @lapoetique_

#4| JAPAN based

Coffee anyone? With Sawa, coffeetime and teatime in Japan are never dull. With lots of flowers in beautiful tonal colors, La fee de fleur simply amazes everyone (and especially us) – just have a look at this amazing photo!

Follow her Insta account |@la_fee_de_fleur

#5| BERLIN based

Poppies, tulips, roses, peonies, anemones, chrysanthemums, you choose what you like best. Botanic Art has it all and we love them A L L. We especially love the way this flower studio from Berlin chooses to show off its installations and flower stylings through photography and that makes it a quite special account for flower ‘instalovers’. Don’t you agree?

Follow her Insta account | @botanicart

#6| NICOSIA based

It is a very warm feeling to see an explosion of colors on this Instagram account. Stephanie, the lady behind Artsypots promotes wonderful ceramic pots of cactuses and succulents, making it hard to resist buying just one plant. We really love the sense of humor and psychology tips she gives through photos of her plant babies that are located in Nicosia.

Follow her Insta account | @artsypots


Did anyone ordered a Frida mood board? The iconic Frida Kahlo, a woman that is a symbol of feminism and art expression was deeply influenced by her Mexican origins (and that included lots of colors and flowers) and this account combines all the Frida inspiration you can get from people around the world.

Follow her Insta account |@everyday_fridas

#8| CHILE based

Two young ladies, Javiera and Fernanda Méndez joint forces and created Casa Botanica, a project coming straight from Chile and aims to connect people with nature. Their Insta account is full of pressed flowers, floral postcards and glass terrariums… They somehow found a way to keep alive all this beauty around us which is kind of amazing right?

Follow her Insta account |@casabotanicacl

#9| AUSTRALIA based

We all know that only kings and queens wear crowns. Well, that is not entirely true. Somewhere in Australia, cats and dogs wear them too. The only difference is that they wear high quality faux flower crowns – we got the ‘wow’ feeling when we saw the amazing head pieces on Freya’s account. Whoever loves dogs, cats and flowers this is def the most beautiful account you will ever follow, trust us.

Follow her Insta account | @freyasfloralco


Jill is the florist lady behind Layered Vintage which is based in San Diego. She holds workshop for flower enthusiasts, she creates stunning installations for weddings and events and she inspires us on a daily basis with all these colorful bouquets.

Follow her Insta account |@layeredvintage

If you liked this post and you want to see more of this let us know in the comments, we want to share with you what inspires us, as well.

Please take a minute and share the love of flowers with the world to help these small businesses and floral accounts get the attention they deserve.

Peace, love and flowers,

Aimerlavie xx

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