Now more than ever we’re trying to shop from small shops and support our artist friends during this period of uncertainty. Easter is just around the corner (even though this year we won’t celebrate it as we were used to so far) so it seems a perfect timing to purchase something meaningful and help at the same time a family. After all, we’re all in this together, right?

Here are a few favorite gifts from some favorite small businesses…


For the people who love to read books to their children:

We recommend to purchase ‘Η κλωστή της Υπομονής’ by Sandy C. Antoniou, a promising Children’s book author we really love and admire. Check below her Instagram account for more.


For the ladies that love a luxury detail in their wardrobe:

Either it is a satin robe or a slip dress, ‘The Robe Romance‘ offers the luxury details that are essential to any lady’s wardrobe. The creative mind behind this is Miss Vanessa that happens to be super stunning to this image below, don’t you agree? Head to her Insta account and check the April’s sale highlight for the best gift to a lady friend or even yourself.


For the ‘green’ lovers out there:

We all love bits and pieces of green plants around the house, especially during these times when we miss the outdoors so much and we can’t even visit a local park. Well guess what, you can choose to buy a variety of colorful hand-painted pots of cactuses and other succulents from a dear friend here Mrs. Artsy Pots! Stephanie who is behind this account loves sharing her positive thinking through her Instagram account so head over there to follow her sunshine.


For the people who love Frida Kahlo:

If your bestie loves Frida Kahlo, I have good news for you. George from Lashdolls Handmade has become an expert in creating Frida Kahlos dolls (amongst other products) for many people that admire a symbol of freedom and art expression. I ordered a customized Frida for a very special friend of mine and I know how much she appreciated the gift as it is unique and handmade with love. Check his account for more ideas and order a gift for your bestie just in time for Easter.

when you buy something from an artist, you’re buying more than an object; you’re buying hundreds of hours and experimentation; you’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy; you’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul; a small piece of someone else’s life.


For the ones who need prints for their home deco by a local artist:

In case that these conditions made your bestfriend decide to redecorate her/his bedroom or living room and need some cool prints for the wall or unopened frames, Dessuria here has the solution. Check out the variety of prints she has on her Instagram account and message her for orders. Pretty cool, huh?


For the fine arts lovers:

A very dear person and close to my heart is Leda Theo. She is one of the most amazing artists I know and I really appreciate how she paints with so much loyalty each and every painting, The time she devoted, the journey that she goes through until she finishes the piece of art is truly exceptional. And that makes every canvas a unique gift of art. I bought already one piece but I would buy again for my mother to show my appreciation. Follow her for some daily inspiration below.


For the coffee lovers:

Myrto’s pottery has some of the most amazing coffee mugs I have ever seen. Personally I love her art style and her character as a person. Send her a message and see what she is up to now, I’m sure you will find a unique mug for your home collection or for a dear friend to share a coffee (or two :p ).


For the Little Prince Lovers:

Little Prince has fans all around the world. Through a simple story full of meanings and kind messages the book has managed to get into our hearts effortlessly so handcrafted products from the young duo Soluna would def be in our gift choices for our dear friends. Our favorite are the following lil’ cute magnets.

If you want some more ideas on gifts by local artists and small businesses let us know, share with us your thoughts in the comments and share this blog post with your friends.

Art and music can change the world! ~ Beethoven

Hard times are coming ahead so let’s all do our part to help our artist friends and our local people to get through this.

Love and peace,

Aimerlavie x.x

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