The Shortcuts that Galileo never took

We are a lost cause. We are a menace. We are destroyers.
We are humans and that is something we cannot escape.
No other life form on this planet can be so destructive than humans. By now, we all know this. We have witnessed it so many times.
We are the humans who believe we own the world. We are the humans who think we are immortal. We are the humans who murder to change the course of history. We are the humans who play political games. We are the humans who bring war. We are the humans who worship a piece of paper. For what?
Now imagine that Galileo Galilei was an alien. Imagine that his telescope was the most powerful telescope in the entire universe and he could clearly see what humans are up to. What our daily business is.
Imagine him studying us in the 21st century. Imagine him getting a glimpse of human life?
Ahhh the 21st century! So promising. Innovation, speed, suits, CEOs, social media, 24/7 consumer profiling and you my friend, you can do anything you want.I wish I was on that planet” Galileo could have said.
Hey kiddo, no matter what, you are always a winner. You don’t need to work hard to get what you deserve because everything is accessible. “These humans found a shortcut. It’s possible that I can pick up a few tricks from them and apply them on my planet!”
Year 2020 on earth. Galileo sets his telescope again, aiming towards the pale blue dot (Carl Sagan),. He sees no people in the streets. Nobody going to work. “Where is everybody?” he thought to himself. He sees lakes and oceans full of creatures that he never saw before. He sees animals in busy streets taking over. He sees the blue, radiating again after been touched by the sun. He sees that a planet can live without humans, but apparently humans cannot live without a planet. He thinks “Well, if earth looks so beautiful without the shortcuts, why would I introduce them in my planet?”
Covid-19 was a taste of what can happen when collectiveness, solidarity, altruism, unity, teamwork and many more defining factors composing our emotions, are absent for so many years.
We have invested greatly in constructing an image of ourselves which is taking the lead in all social aspects of our lives. Just like the window of a pretty shop. But once you enter, nothing is left in stock.
So, my fellow humans, we are left without the “stock.” We rely so much on fabricated needs. The kind of needs that are accommodating a world full of shortcuts.

Gallileo then said, “I pledge my soul, my energy and efforts to the protection of my planet, hoping that it will be as kind to the next generations as it was to me”
For now, earth is a world full of shortcuts, yes.


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