5 ways to Be a better mum

In 2014 I became a mother of a beautiful boy. Little did I know, that this boy would become the biggest lesson in my life. 7 years into motherhood I came in terms with this relationship and the truth is as parents we need to let go of the need to control everything and just allow them to be themselves. Also the fact that no one is perfect applies to parenthood as well. From my experience even though i’m not a perfect mom, I found that using these five ways below made me a better mother until now and I’m sure that some will be helpful for you too thus I’m sharing this article with you. Feel more than welcome to add the ways you are handling motherhood, to help further mothers and fathers that might feel hopeless (you know what i’m talking about 😛 )

So let’s talk my real life ways of dealing with motherhood (i’m sure this will need an upgrade soon enough as each age is different and requires another version of us to deal with):

I email my thoughts to my son

so how does that help? Well, one day i got an idea. I’m emailing so many people for work, i take my time to tell them nicely what is in my head – so why i don’t do that with my son as well? I have so many thoughts in my head during the day, about me doing a good job or not with him, all these doubts and worries are running around my head. So i just talk to him in written form, so one day in the future he reads all these emails and understands what a tough job was to bring him up. Maybe he gets to appreciate better everything around him and how lucky he was. And it gets even better – I email him our memories – photos I want him to have (since we are all digital now) and random conversations because I want him to see how silly and smart he could get since he was young…

You are being a better mother if you spill out all the thoughts you have inside – even if it is your future grown up son.

I allow him to choose one holiday for us

Once a year I let him choose what holiday he wants us to have. Before the virus, I remember I handed him the map of Cyprus and I asked him to choose where should I drive to for the day. He closed his eyes and pointed out Akrotiri area in Limassol. I never went there and it was an adventure for both of us. I also gave him my camera and explained how to use it so he could be creative along the journey as well (to my surprise he got some very nice shoots). Then again with closed eyes he pointed out Platres, where we would find a hotel to stay in for the night. There wasn’t any availability and I kindly asked 2 to 3 different hotels if they had any cancellation to let me know since I was alone with my son and I couldn’t disappoint him on his own adventure. I remember he told me ‘don’t worry mum, we can stay in the car for the night, as long as i’m with you’. As much as I would love to say that we indeed stayed in that car cause it would make such an interesting story to tell you, the man from the hotel called and told us there was a last minute cancellation and he would wait for us if we wanted the room. My point of the story, is to make them feel they are the stars of the story because sometimes they are hidden drama queens and they love being leaders and making us the followers. After all to their little world, everything is an adventure, life, school, holidays… It’s up to us to add some spice and some salt for them in a safe and healthy manner. Well this was my way:) Getting him to choose for 1-2 days how to spend our holidays…

You are being a better mother if you allow them to explore and trust their skills.

I ask him often what he wants to become when he grows up – and we take notes.

Remember when you were a kid? and you were saying the known ”when i grow up I will be…”. Ok, i don’t know about you but I told my parents over a dozen of jobs I would love to be doing. But I don’t remember them all and the reason why I wanted them. So with my son, we created a notebook ‘When I grow up I want to….’ and he is allowed to express himself in written form but also draw his vision. You can see an astronaut in there, a weird spacecraft as an ice cream van(he wants to deliver ice cream to space) and many others, which from time to time he goes back to and says ”mum i’ve changed my mind, i don’t want to be a police officer after all.” I like these conversations with him as I can see how he thinks and how his mindset and character is shifting. Also we will be having evidence in the future that he wanted to do all these jobs which is pretty cool to me – and to him – i hope so.

You are being a better mother when you hold them accountable in a notebook about their future plans.

I ask for help when I need some alone time.

Ok motherhood is not happy selfies and beauty sleeps all the time. It’s fussy, loud, scary and pretty exhausting. So what do you do when you as a parent want a holiday from your kid. First you need to understand it’s ok to feel this way sometimes (not all the time) and the best thing you can do is ASK FOR HELP. Just because your friends and family are busy, doesn’t mean they are going to say no to you if all you want is a massage therapy for one hour without your kid shouting ”is it over now? can we go back home?”. Explain to someone close to you that you truly trust the urge you have for some time alone or just a few hours baby sit until you get some shopping or chores together. I bet they will be by your side every single time. For this part I feel really blessed I have my family – my mum and dad – to watch over my son when I need to do some stuff alone.

You are being a better mother when you don’t do everything on your own and you take time to take care of yourself too.

I never compare my abilities as a mother to other mothers.

My son is always very loving with me, calling me the best mom in the world because im ‘his’ mom. What a smart kid. I wish all mothers knew that. Our kids love us because simply we are their mothers. That’s a beautiful thought to keep in mind everytime we watch stories on Instagram about other examples of mums, about Christmas gifts, about holidays all over the world, about schools and clothes and all the stuff we buy for our kids. It simply doesn’t matter what the other have. What matters is that we as mothers give our time to our children and teach them the simplicity of this love so they can appreciate it as time passes by. All the rest will vanish in the end… But love..;. Love remains in the heart for years to come…

You are being a better mother when you feel confident and trust your insticts.

Every mother, every parent has daily choices. Choices that grow up children to becoming adults. Choices that affect one life or maybe even more lives. Let us all have the courage to take these decisions with all the wisdom that life has given us and do not allow ego and tradition take over. Let’s all grow children with hope, with vision, with an urge to make a difference to this world.

να λοιπον που ξαναγεννιεται η ελπιδα.

Διάβασα πρόσφατα το «Προσωπικό» από τη συλλογή Γυάλινα Γιάννενα (1989) του Μιχάλη Γκανά, ο οποίος δεν διστάζει να εκδηλώσει τη στοργή του προς τη γυναίκα που αγαπά. Ύμνος για πολλούς, ειδικά για όσους έχουν το κουράγιο να ξεστομίζουν τέτοιες αλήθειες για την αγάπη σε εποχές δύσκολες, σε εποχές που σου κλέβουν την ελπίδα. Μέσα από τέτοια ποιήματα, να λοιπόν που ξαναγεννιέται η ελπίδα.

”Επειδή η ζωή μας μοιάζει να φυραίνει
μέρα τη μέρα, δε θα πει πως η ζωή
δεν αξίζει τον κόπο.

Επειδή σ´ αγάπησα και σ´ αγαπώ ακόμη
κι ας μην είναι όπως παλιά,
δε θα πει πως πέθανε η αγάπη,
κουράστηκε ίσως, σαν καθετί που ανασαίνει.

Επειδή περνάς δύσκολες μέρες
σκυμμένη σε χαρτιά και γκρεμούς
που δεν κλείνουν, κι εγώ πηδάω
τις νύχτες επί κοντώ λαχανιάζοντας,
δε θα πει πως δεν έχουμε
μοίρα στον ήλιο, έχουμε
τη δική μας μοίρα.

Επειδή πότε είσαι άνθρωπος
και πότε πουλί, φέρνεις στο σπίτι μας
ψωμάκια μικρά της αποδημίας
κι ελπίζουνε τα παιδιά μας
σε καλύτερες μέρες.

Επειδή λες όχι και ναι κι ύστερα όχι
και δεν παραιτείσαι, ντρέπομαι
για τα ίσως, τα μπορεί τα δικά μου,
μα δεν αλλάζω, όπως δεν αλλάζεις κι εσύ,
αν αλλάζαμε θα ´μαστε πάλι
δύο άγνωστοι και θ´ αρχίζαμε
απ´ το άλφα.

Τώρα ξέρουμε πού πονάς
πού σωπαίνω πότε γίνεται παύση,
διακοπή αίματος και κρυώνουν
τα σώματα, ώσπου μυστικό δυναμό
να φορτίσει πάλι τα μέλη
με δύναμη κι έλξη και δέρμα ζεστό.

Επειδή είναι δύσκολο ν´ αγαπάς
και δυσκολότερο ν´ αγαπάς τον ίδιο άνθρωπο
για καιρό, κάνοντας σχέδια και παιδιά
και καβγάδες, εκδρομές, έρωτα, χρέη,
κι αρρώστιες, Χριστούγεννα, Κυριακές
και Δευτέρες, νόστιμα φαγητά
και καμένα, θέλοντας ο καθένας
να ´ναι ο άλλος γεφύρι και δέντρο
και πηγή, κατά τις περιστάσεις
ή και όλα μαζί στην ανάγκη,
δε θα πει πως εγώ δε μπορώ
να γίνω κάτι απ´ όλα αυτά ή και όλα μαζί,
κι αν είναι να περάσω
μια ζωή στη σκλαβιά -έτσι κι αλλιώς-
ας είμαι λέω σκλάβος της αγάπης.”

οι ανθρωποι ειναι πιο ομορφοι το καλοκαιρι

Θα γνωρίσεις πολλούς στη ζωή σου. Θα δεις μεγάλους και μικρούς, τόσο σε μπόι, όσο σε πνεύμα και σε χαρακτήρα. Θα έχεις πολλές ευκαιρίες να τους μετρήσεις. Μα αν τύχει να τους γνωρίσεις πιο καλά το καλοκαίρι τους αγαπάς λίγο πιο πολύ.

Αν προσέξεις τους ανθρώπους γύρω σου αλλάζουν με την εποχή – αλλά το καλοκαίρι θα δεις τον πιο αυθεντικό τους εαυτό που θα τους κάνει συνάμα ομορφότερους στα μάτια σου. Θα είναι πιο ερωτεύσιμοι γιατί θα είναι πιο αληθινοί…
Θα δεις να γίνονται ξέγνοιαστοι, να τρέχουν να προλάβουν ηλιοβασιλέματα και δυνατά κύματα. Θα βουτάνε να πιάσουνε τα κύματα και θα χαίρονται σαν μικρά παιδιά.

Θα περπατάνε για ώρες στην άμμο και θα ακούνε μουσική που θα τους ταξιδεύει ακόμα πιο πέρα. Θα αφήνονται στη μαγεία της θάλασσας και θα χαζεύουν κάθε κύμα, κάθε βότσαλο στην ακτή. Θα παρασύρονται από όλα αυτά τα χρώματα του ουρανού και της θάλασσας που θα σμίγουν και θα ονειρεύονται μια πιο ανέμελη ζωή. Θα ορκίζονται αιώνια πίστη στη φύση και θα γίνονται εξερευνητές και υπερασπιστές του περιβάλλοντος, απομακρύνοντας κάθε σκουπίδι από εκεί που δεν ταιριάζει. Θα μαζεύουν κοχύλια με μανία, λες και είναι ανεκτίμητοι θησαυροί.

Θα τρώνε κάθε φορά παγωτό μηχανής γιατί καλοκαίρι χωρίς αυτό δεν νοείται.
Θα δεις ανθρώπους να περπατάνε σε μια παραλία αγκαζέ – ή να κάθονται ατελείωτες ώρες μέσα στο νερό και να μιλάνε για τα πάντα, για τα όνειρα τους, τα σχέδια τους, τις επιθυμίες τους, τα θέλω τους. Θα βγάζουν φωτογραφίες με μεγάλα χαμόγελα και πραγματική ευτυχία – αυτό θα το δεις στα μάτια τους. Θα κάνουν βουτιές στα βαθιά, θα κολυμπάνε με τον σκύλο τους και θα μιλάνε σε ψάρια λες και τους καταλαβαίνουν. Δεν θα τους ενδιαφέρει αν οι άλλοι τους πουν τρελούς, εκείνοι ξέρουν ποιοι είναι, τι κάνουν και τι χρειάζονται.

Θα δεις ανθρώπους να γελάνε, με τη ψυχή τους, να οδηγούν σε δρόμους που δεν ξαναπήγαν, να χάνονται και να μη τους νοιάζει – γιατί ναι μια ζωή την έχουμε αλλά ας τη ζήσουμε καλά και όμορφα, με πολλές πολλές περιπέτειες.

Θα δεις ανθρώπους να έχουν περισσότερο χρόνο, θα μιλάς περισσότερο, θα ακούς περισσότερο. Θα ακούνε την ιστορία σου και εσύ τις δικές τους. Δεν θα φτάνει μια μέρα μαζί τους, θα θέλεις πάντα ακόμα μια,

Ένα σου λέω: είναι πιο όμορφοι οι άνθρωποι το καλοκαίρι. Φρόντισε λοιπόν να πας για παγωτό και βουτιές μαζί τους σύντομα γιατί τελειώνει το καλοκαιράκι όπου να’σαι.


~ aimerlavie.co

01 #poemsforyou

ταξίδεψε με, μου είπες

κι εγώ σε πήρα από το χέρι

και σε περπάτησα


σου άνοιξα τα μάτια

να δεις το φως


σε οδήγησα στο μονοπάτι σου

και τότε κατάλαβες


δεν χρειάστηκαν ποτέ παραπανίσιες λέξεις μεταξύ μας


το πιο ωραίο ταξίδι μας,

οι πιο γαλάζιες θάλασσες


η αγάπη φαινόταν στη σιωπή μας


~ γαλήνιες μέρες, όμορφες μέρες



Διάβασα κάπου το πιο κάτω και δεν μπορούσα να μην το μοιραστώ μαζί σας γιατί κάπως έτσι θα το έγραφα κι εγώ είμαι σίγουρη…

Γιατί έμαθα πως…

…οι άνθρωποι δεν αλλάζουν ποτέ, παρόλες τις προσπάθειες που ίσως καταβάλλουν για το αντίθετο.

…οι άνθρωποι γινόμαστε πολλές φορές κακοί και εγωιστές και δεν νοιαζόμαστε για τους γύρω μας. Κοιτάμε μόνο το συμφέρον μας και το πως να πετύχουμε τους στόχους μας ακόμα κι αν αυτό προϋποθέτει να ποδοπατήσουμε κάποιους άλλους για να το πετύχουμε.

…οι μόνοι άνθρωποι που θα βρίσκονται πάντα δίπλα μου είναι η οικογένειά μου, όπως επίσης έμαθα πως η οικογένεια δεν αποτελείται μόνο από τους ανθρώπους με τους οποίους έχουμε το ίδιο αίμα, αλλά και από αυτούς που επιλέγουμε να περιλάβουμε σ’αυτήν.

…οι φιλίες είναι δύσκολο να κρατηθούν και πως χρειάζονται κόπο και προσπάθειες, μα το κέρδος είναι ανεκτίμητο και έμαθα επίσης πως οι έρωτες πάνε κι έρχονται μα οι φιλίες -αν είσαι τυχερός- μένουν για μια ζωή.


…να ακούω πολλά μα να πιστεύω ελάχιστα. Δεν αρκούμαι πλέον σε λόγια. Θέλω πράξεις.

…να αγαπώ και έμαθα να δείχνω στους ανθρώπους που αγαπώ την αγάπη μου. Έμαθα, όμως, και να μην απαιτώ ποτέ την ανταπόδοση αυτού του συναισθήματος.

Έμαθα (αυτό το έχω ξαναπεί)….

….να κάνω πάντα αυτό που αισθάνομαι γιατί η ζωή είναι πολύ μικρή για να την ζει κανείς με απωθημένα.

…να ζω το σήμερα και να το χαίρομαι γιατί το αύριο δεν ορίζεται από μας και δεν ξέρουμε αν θα ‘μαστε εδώ για να το ζήσουμε.


…πως στην ζωή δεν χωράνε προγράμματα και πως ακόμα κι αν προσπαθήσουμε να την προγραμματίσουμε, πάντα θα βρεθεί κάτι για να μας υπενθυμίσει πως αυτό δεν εξαρτάται από μας.

…να αναλαμβάνω τις ευθύνες των πράξεων μου και να αναγνωρίζω τα λάθη μου. Μέσα από αυτό ωρίμασα και μέσα από αυτά τα λάθη διδάκτηκα πολλά, μα είμαι σίγουρη ότι κάποια από αυτά θα τα επαναλάβω.

…να αποδέχομαι τον εαυτό μου και να τον συγχωρώ. Αυτό είναι αναγκαίο για να μπορώ να προχωράω μπροστά.

…να στηρίζομαι στις δικές μου δυνάμεις, γιατί έτσι, όταν χάνω τα πόδια μου, δεν θα χρειάζεται να βασίζομαι σε κανέναν για να ορθοποδήσω.

…να μην στηρίζω τα όνειρα μου σε κανέναν, γιατί μόνο από μένα εξαρτάται η πραγματοποίηση τους.

…να σκύβω το κεφάλι όταν με επαινούν και να γυρίζω και το άλλο μάγουλο όταν με χαστουκίζουν.

…να μην στρέφω το δάκτυλο μου σε κανένα γιατί πάντα τα άλλα τέσσερα είναι στραμμένα προς εμένα.

…πως ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους που θα συναντήσω στον δρόμο μου, θα ‘ναι πολλοί αυτοί που θα θελήσουν να μου κάνουν κακό μα έμαθα πια να τους ξεχωρίζω και να τους προσπερνώ.

Το πιο σημαντικό, έμαθα όταν πέφτω, να μαζεύω τις δυνάμεις που μου έχουν απομείνει και να ξανασηκώνομαι… όσες φορές κι αν αυτό συμβαίνει… Ναι, έμαθα να πεισμώνω, να παλεύω και να προσπαθώ.

eμαθα να αντeχω…

Μπορεί να χάνω προσωρινά τον δρόμο μου, μα δεν πρέπει ποτέ να ξεχνάω τον προορισμό μου…αυτό το έμαθα καλύτερα απ’ όλα.

Γραμμένο από ένα άγνωστο N.

Πηγή: https://bit.ly/3bpRlAh

Disconnect to connect #lovein2020

Εν έτει 2020, το κινητό μας, τα social media, η τεχνολογία γενικότερα και πολλοί άλλοι πειρασμοί θέτουν σε κίνδυνο τις σχέσεις μας ίσως περισσότερο από ποτέ. Μοιραζόμαστε λοιπόν μαζί σας τους πιο κάτω απλούς τρόπους που μπορείς να συνδεθείς με τον άνθρωπο σου όπως ακριβώς τους έγραψε η Ανδριάνα Χάρη στο άρθρο της στη γνωστή ιστοσελίδα pillowfights.gr.

Πάντα θα υπάρχουν προκλήσεις στις σχέσεις που δημιουργείς με φίλους, οικογένεια και γνωστούς. Σκέψου πόσο μάλλον ισχύει αυτό σε μια μακροχρόνια σχέση που έχεις. Λίγο η ρουτίνα, λίγο τα καμώματα του ανθρώπου σου, λίγο η δικιά σου τρέλα προκαλούν τη σχέση και την αλατοπιπερώνουν περισσότερο απ’ όσο χρειάζεται για να ξυπνήσεις λιγάκι. Εδώ είναι που έρχεται ο ρόλος της πραγματικής σύνδεσης κι η προσπάθεια να βρίσκεις τρόπους να συνδέεσαι με τη σχέση σου συνεχώς. Μικρές οι συμβουλές, μα αν είναι από καρδιάς, κάνουν θαύματα.

Song to listen while you read this.

1. Τρυφερότητα

Λέει ο Χρονής Μίσσιος πως επανάσταση σήμερα είναι η διατήρηση της τρυφερότητας. Κι εδώ που τα λέμε μέσα στην καθημερινότητα ξεχνάς καμιά φορά πόσο σημαντικό είναι να διατηρείς τις αγκαλιές, τα χάδια, το άγγιγμα με τον άνθρωπό σου. Οπότε να, το πρώτο κόλπο: τρυφερότητα! Μη βιαστείς τόσο πολύ να βγεις από το κρεβάτι το πρωινό της Κυριακής, δώσε μια αγκαλιά στον άνθρωπό σου και άσε τον να σε κλειδώσει στη δική του. Δώσε ένα γλυκό φιλί γεμάτο νόημα κι άσε τα υπόλοιπα πάνω του. Θα έχει σίγουρα ένα χαζό γέλιο όλη μέρα και θα περιμένει πώς και πώς να το επαναλάβετε.

2. Σε ξέρω, με ξέρεις;

Η μακροπρόθεσμη σου σχέση λογικά θα πρέπει να σε ξέρει πολύ καλά μέσα σε κάποιο χρονικό διάστημα. Το δεύτερο κόλπο είναι η γνώση του έτερν σου ήμισυ. Τέσταρε τις γνώσεις αυτές μ’ ένα ποτήρι κρασί, ξάπλα στον καναπέ με τα πόδια σου πάνω στα δικά του και κράτα ένα σημειωματάριο. Εκεί σημείωσε τα πάντα· το αγαπημένο σας φαγητό, χρώμα, τις αλλεργίες σας, εκείνη τη λεπτομέρεια που έχει στο σώμα κι αγαπάς πολύ κι ούτω καθ’ εξής. Είναι ένα αγαπημένο παιχνίδι ενός ζευγαριού που ξέρω και βλέπω ότι όσο περνάνε τα χρόνια, τόσο περισσότερο ερωτεύονται.

3. Πρωινό

Το πρωινό λένε είναι το πιο σημαντικό γεύμα. Κι εδώ βρίσκεται κρυμμένο το τρίτο κόλπο που μπορεί να είναι και διπλό. Γιατί από τη μια μπορείς να δοκιμάσεις να ξυπνήσεις αύριο και να ετοιμάσεις κάτι για τον άνθρωπό σου ή έστω να πιείτε έναν απλό καφέ παρέα πριν να βγείτε από τη πόρτα και σας καταβροχθίσει η δουλειά κι οι υποχρεώσεις. Κι από την άλλη μπορείτε να υποσχεθείτε ο ένας στον άλλο πως μια φορά την ημέρα θα περνάτε χρόνο μαζί στην κουζίνα, να μαγειρεύετε παρέα, να μιλάτε για τη μέρα σας και να κάνετε χαζούς χορούς ο ένας στον άλλο με την αγαπημένη σας μουσική. Έρευνα έχει δείξει πως τα ζευγάρια που μαγειρεύουν μαζί, μένουν μαζί, οπότε δε θα χάσετε τίποτα.

4. Από κοινού

Και πάμε στο τέταρτο κόλπο. Κάνε κάτι κάθε μέρα μαζί με το άτομο σου. Σας αρέσει η φωτογραφία; Εμπρός φωτογραφίστε ο ένας τον άλλο, πηγαίνετε μια εκδρομή μαζί για να βγάλετε ένα θέμα, ανοίξτε υπολογιστή και μάθετε ένα καινούριο πρόγραμμα φωτογραφίας. Ασκηθείτε μαζί, πηγαίνετε για τρέξιμο, για κολύμπι, για ποδήλατο. Τι πιο όμορφο υπάρχει από το να δίνεις κάθε μέρα ραντεβού με τον άνθρωπό σου για ένα περπάτημα στη φύση. Αναζωογονείς πνεύμα, σχέση και μυαλό. Σας αρέσει η τέχνη; Πάρτε μολύβι και χαρτί κι από μια γωνιά στο γραφείο. Εδώ υπάρχει και η λεγόμενη τέχνη της σιωπής, την οποία ξέρουν άτομα κυρίως καλλιτεχνικής φύσης τα οποία βρίσκουν την έμπνευσή τους και δημιουργούν όταν είναι ησυχία. Σας έχει τύχει ποτέ να κάθεστε σε ένα δωμάτιο επί ώρες μ’ ένα δικό σας άτομο και να κάνετε τη τέχνη σας αθόρυβα και χωρίς να ανταλλάξετε κουβέντα; Τρελό; Ίσως. Αλλά για κάποιους είναι ακριβώς ό, τι χρειάζονται.

Βλέπεις οι τρόποι που μπορείς να συνδεθείς με τον άνθρωπο σου κρύβονται στο να ξέρεις ποιον έχεις απέναντί σου και να μαθαίνεις κάτι μαζί του καθημερινά. Κι ένα μπόνους τιπ, έτσι από καρδιάς. Να θυμάσαι γιατί τον επέλεξες και συνεχίζεις να τον επιλέγεις καθημερινά.

Συντάκτης: Ανδριάνα Χάρη
Επιμέλεια κειμένου: Γιοβάννα Κοντονικολάου

Source: pillowfights.gr / Find the article at https://www.pillowfights.gr/wild-flower-child/4-tropoi-na-deikseis-ston-antrwpo-sou-poso-ton-theleis/

Bonus advice από εμάς, εξού και ο τίτλος disconnect to connect, αφήστε για λίγο στην άκρη τα κινητά και τις οθόνες του υπολογιστή. Η πραγματική σύνδεση γίνεται η ώρα 3πμ, όταν τα μαλλιά σου είναι χάλια και η ανάσα σας δεν έχει και τη πιο τέλεια μυρωδιά. Όταν μοιράζεσαι όνειρα, επιθυμίες κι όταν νιώθεις άνετα να είσαι ο εαυτός σου μακριά από σημερινά πρότυπα. Κλείστο κινητό τώρα και τρέξε να τον βρεις. Θα με θυμηθείς. x



Now more than ever we’re trying to shop from small shops and support our artist friends during this period of uncertainty. Easter is just around the corner (even though this year we won’t celebrate it as we were used to so far) so it seems a perfect timing to purchase something meaningful and help at the same time a family. After all, we’re all in this together, right?

Here are a few favorite gifts from some favorite small businesses…


For the people who love to read books to their children:

We recommend to purchase ‘Η κλωστή της Υπομονής’ by Sandy C. Antoniou, a promising Children’s book author we really love and admire. Check below her Instagram account for more.


For the ladies that love a luxury detail in their wardrobe:

Either it is a satin robe or a slip dress, ‘The Robe Romance‘ offers the luxury details that are essential to any lady’s wardrobe. The creative mind behind this is Miss Vanessa that happens to be super stunning to this image below, don’t you agree? Head to her Insta account and check the April’s sale highlight for the best gift to a lady friend or even yourself.


For the ‘green’ lovers out there:

We all love bits and pieces of green plants around the house, especially during these times when we miss the outdoors so much and we can’t even visit a local park. Well guess what, you can choose to buy a variety of colorful hand-painted pots of cactuses and other succulents from a dear friend here Mrs. Artsy Pots! Stephanie who is behind this account loves sharing her positive thinking through her Instagram account so head over there to follow her sunshine.


For the people who love Frida Kahlo:

If your bestie loves Frida Kahlo, I have good news for you. George from Lashdolls Handmade has become an expert in creating Frida Kahlos dolls (amongst other products) for many people that admire a symbol of freedom and art expression. I ordered a customized Frida for a very special friend of mine and I know how much she appreciated the gift as it is unique and handmade with love. Check his account for more ideas and order a gift for your bestie just in time for Easter.

when you buy something from an artist, you’re buying more than an object; you’re buying hundreds of hours and experimentation; you’re buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy; you’re not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul; a small piece of someone else’s life.


For the ones who need prints for their home deco by a local artist:

In case that these conditions made your bestfriend decide to redecorate her/his bedroom or living room and need some cool prints for the wall or unopened frames, Dessuria here has the solution. Check out the variety of prints she has on her Instagram account and message her for orders. Pretty cool, huh?


For the fine arts lovers:

A very dear person and close to my heart is Leda Theo. She is one of the most amazing artists I know and I really appreciate how she paints with so much loyalty each and every painting, The time she devoted, the journey that she goes through until she finishes the piece of art is truly exceptional. And that makes every canvas a unique gift of art. I bought already one piece but I would buy again for my mother to show my appreciation. Follow her for some daily inspiration below.


For the coffee lovers:

Myrto’s pottery has some of the most amazing coffee mugs I have ever seen. Personally I love her art style and her character as a person. Send her a message and see what she is up to now, I’m sure you will find a unique mug for your home collection or for a dear friend to share a coffee (or two :p ).


For the Little Prince Lovers:

Little Prince has fans all around the world. Through a simple story full of meanings and kind messages the book has managed to get into our hearts effortlessly so handcrafted products from the young duo Soluna would def be in our gift choices for our dear friends. Our favorite are the following lil’ cute magnets.

If you want some more ideas on gifts by local artists and small businesses let us know, share with us your thoughts in the comments and share this blog post with your friends.

Art and music can change the world! ~ Beethoven

Hard times are coming ahead so let’s all do our part to help our artist friends and our local people to get through this.

Love and peace,

Aimerlavie x.x

10 floral Insta accounts we are obsessed with!

Spring season is officially here and you all know that Aimerlavie loves flowers and anything that has to do with them, especially in the Instagram world – check out our #floratherapy highlight for more.

On this post we wanted to share with you 10 floral Instagram accounts we are obsessed with and we look upon them for inspiration – if you love flower studios, floral set-ups, green plants and pressed flowers scroll down to see our recommended ‘to-follow-list’ for your daily inspo.

and the flowers bloom, like madness in the spring…

#1 | NEW WORK based

Mihalis from Cyprus, is the founder of @fullinyc, a floral studio where anything is possible. You will find him in New York, between flowers and plants, creating floral stories for very special moments. I personally admire him for his knowledge, his research on each plant and his endless creativity. You can read his story here.

Follow his Insta account | @mihalisnyc

#2| STOCKHOLM based

If you like minimalism, here is _j_u_n_g_l_e_ , a Scandinavian plant lover that takes beautiful, simple photos and shares them with the rest of the world. The account is featured at Vogue UK as one of the best garden Instagram account – check it here.

Follow his Insta account | @_j_u_n_g_l_e_

#3| SOUTH KOREA based

La Poetique, from South Korea, creates stunning table centerpieces and floral wreaths which I personally adore for the simplicity and the color palette she chooses every time.

Follow her Insta account | @lapoetique_

#4| JAPAN based

Coffee anyone? With Sawa, coffeetime and teatime in Japan are never dull. With lots of flowers in beautiful tonal colors, La fee de fleur simply amazes everyone (and especially us) – just have a look at this amazing photo!

Follow her Insta account |@la_fee_de_fleur

#5| BERLIN based

Poppies, tulips, roses, peonies, anemones, chrysanthemums, you choose what you like best. Botanic Art has it all and we love them A L L. We especially love the way this flower studio from Berlin chooses to show off its installations and flower stylings through photography and that makes it a quite special account for flower ‘instalovers’. Don’t you agree?

Follow her Insta account | @botanicart

#6| NICOSIA based

It is a very warm feeling to see an explosion of colors on this Instagram account. Stephanie, the lady behind Artsypots promotes wonderful ceramic pots of cactuses and succulents, making it hard to resist buying just one plant. We really love the sense of humor and psychology tips she gives through photos of her plant babies that are located in Nicosia.

Follow her Insta account | @artsypots


Did anyone ordered a Frida mood board? The iconic Frida Kahlo, a woman that is a symbol of feminism and art expression was deeply influenced by her Mexican origins (and that included lots of colors and flowers) and this account combines all the Frida inspiration you can get from people around the world.

Follow her Insta account |@everyday_fridas

#8| CHILE based

Two young ladies, Javiera and Fernanda Méndez joint forces and created Casa Botanica, a project coming straight from Chile and aims to connect people with nature. Their Insta account is full of pressed flowers, floral postcards and glass terrariums… They somehow found a way to keep alive all this beauty around us which is kind of amazing right?

Follow her Insta account |@casabotanicacl

#9| AUSTRALIA based

We all know that only kings and queens wear crowns. Well, that is not entirely true. Somewhere in Australia, cats and dogs wear them too. The only difference is that they wear high quality faux flower crowns – we got the ‘wow’ feeling when we saw the amazing head pieces on Freya’s account. Whoever loves dogs, cats and flowers this is def the most beautiful account you will ever follow, trust us.

Follow her Insta account | @freyasfloralco


Jill is the florist lady behind Layered Vintage which is based in San Diego. She holds workshop for flower enthusiasts, she creates stunning installations for weddings and events and she inspires us on a daily basis with all these colorful bouquets.

Follow her Insta account |@layeredvintage

If you liked this post and you want to see more of this let us know in the comments, we want to share with you what inspires us, as well.

Please take a minute and share the love of flowers with the world to help these small businesses and floral accounts get the attention they deserve.

Peace, love and flowers,

Aimerlavie xx

People that pour their soul into their craft: George

AimerLaVie presents the project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.

People that pour their soul into their craft: George

I’ve been meaning to do this interview for a long time now so I’m content that I finally put it together since George and I have a long history. I met him in my uni years in the UK and it felt like we knew each other for a long time – up to this day he remains a true friend, always next to me and my family. So why am I writing about this guy here? Because he is a special human making a difference to the world. He is a man who pours his soul into his craft – his job? your next- door- baker! Starting his studies from Cyprus and Switzerland, he has gained invaluable experience in some of the London’s most renowned hospitality spots and in local Mediterranean restaurants in Seville, Spain.

All this culinary experiences made him realize he always loved cooking and most specifically he had an obsession with bread. So he followed this obsession and created his own wild yeast in 2016. Since then he is carrying it around while pouring its magic to each bit of bread he does.

In his micro-bakery called Honest Bread that is located in Strovolos, he handcrafts alone all kinds of sourdough bread that are 100% natural with no preservatives and no sugar. My favorite one is quinoa, you should try it! At Honest Bread, from Tuesday to Saturday, you can also find pastries and sandwiches – HONESTly try the vegan ones, they are heavenly made. If you taste his handcrafted croissant, i promise, life will never be the same again. My son begs me every week to bring him croissants from Uncle George – ”they are the best croissants in the world” he says.

Tip: Try visit on a Saturday as it is the only day where you can have the chance to buy a special bread – keep an eye for breads like spirulina & beetroot sourdough bread or sourdough pumpkin bread.

5 Q&A’s with George about Honest Bread

1 At the age of only 29, you own the micro-bakery Honest bread becoming our next-door’s baker. How come?

Coming back to Cyprus I saw the need that people had for quality bread and personally I wanted to devote myself to sourdough bread. To me keeping a sourdough culture alive requires good time management, lots of affection and a number of things like the perfect weather, water, air, flour and bacteria to make a piece of perfection; it is a daily challenge and a constant process I would happily go through day after day. So I guess I found what I would love to do as a full-time job and just did it. In my case the common quote ‘Do what you love, Love what you do’ fits perfectly.

2 Everyone seems to go crazy about your breads and pastries. What is the secret behind them?

Simple. I only use pure ingredients with no preservatives. My philosophy is that there is no second day product on our shelves – we want to serve only fresh products on a daily basis.

Tip: if you visit the bakery in the last 20 minutes before closing time, there is a big chance on taking something extra at home with no charge as George won’t save any products for the next day.

3 What is your goal regarding your job?

To do what I love. I don’t want any money or glory. I just want to be able to begin and finish my day smiling and feeling content with myself.

4 Who is your inspiration in culinary life? I know that almost everyday you wake up at 4am, there must be someone who motivates you doing this.

Oh, I have all sorts of inspiration depending on the occasion. But for my passion, I find inspiration in: Chad Robertson – he is a bread genius to me, Nancy Silverton – she is obsessed with bread and she is the one that started it all before it became a trend (watch her inspiring story at Netflix series Chef’s table Season 3 – Episode 3) and of course Zac the baker because he is honest! 🙂 Seeing these people doing their craft, helps me a lot. I personally know i’m not a baker yet. Being a baker is a big thing for me… Maybe in a few years but now I still have a lot to learn. And I intend to never stop learning from the best…

5 What is your advice to the young generation that wants to start their own business?

Lots of patience and lots of persistence. There will be difficult days. There will be easy days. You need to continue even when you are tired. You need to be ready when something happens out of the blue and messes up your day. Life happens and you need to be strong. Never give up!

| Small talks with George |

Zodiac: Sagittarius

I would like to live in: Seville, Spain.

A song that is on repeat for the past week: Plastic Soldiers by Portugal. the Man

Take me back to: Lausanne days.

If I had a superpower I would love: to be a thief so I could steal money and give them to the ones in need.


#socialmedia FB: Honest Bread Bakery | Instagram @honestbreadcy

Address: Aristofanous 25, Strovolos | Google map

For customized orders and more info at 99 948464

5 reasons to book a day with Vintage Ride

Vintage ride is our sister-brand and we are very happy to finally introduce it to everyone. At the moment all we can say is that we turned our hobby and passion into a full-time project and we offer VW campervan rentals for any occasion. As a blog, the best way to introduce our services (that are mostly reasons to smile rather than boring statements), is by giving you the 5 top reasons to book a day with Vintage Ride. Here it goes:

#1. Come closer with family or friends.

A campervan ride is the perfect excuse to come closer with family or friends and Vintage Ride loves bringing people together! There is beauty in simplicity and sometimes fun doesn’t mean speed or fancy cars – and let’s be honest; there is nothing like going on a roadtrip with a 47 yr old bus with your friends and relatives. Everything you do, from selfies to singing out loud ‘I’m a passenger la-la-la- is much more fun inside a campervan with everyone!

Tip: Perfect for birthday parties, bachelors, wedding rides and any other occasion that might come up.

#2. N o s t a l g i a

We love 60’s and 70’s. We bet if we had a time-machine we would definitely choose to go back to the good old days where Volkswagen Buses, hippies, love and peace were the main conversation piece amongst people. Well with Vintage Ride, we can satisfy the nostalgic souls of this century.

Tip: The bus allows you to fully dress up as boho girls, pin-up dolls and anything that can make you feel part of those years.

#3. Spreading happiness

There is not a single time we haven’t seen someone stranger smiling at the sight of our campervans. Everyone is happy around the buses and waves hello even if they don’t know us. We don’t know the true reason behind this kind gesture – but we really love making people happy.

Tip: Next time you see us, don’t be shy. Say hello and feel the good vibes flowing over your body 🙂

#4. More than a campervan!

Vintage Ride is a full experience. We pay attention at the music – creating varied playlists to keep you singing throughout the roadtrip. Small details, such as colourful balloons to make you feel like a kid again, the instant cameras we supply to you to keep memories alive through polaroid photos, a mini birthday cake just enough to make everyone sing for you and the decoration that combines perfectly with the campervan. We make sure you will have unique and unforgettable moments.

Tip: Ask the team behind the Vintage Ride for the best road trip experiences – we know better because we have tested every single route – we know where to stop, where to go, who to meet and how to keep you entertained all along.

#5. If you never try, you will never know.

Perhaps you think Vintage Ride is old- fashioned or your interests are elsewhere. Well, no problem we respect that. But we want to challenge you – come aboard and book a full day party with your friends. We promise we won’t say ‘we told you so’; instead we will say ”you’re welcome” for the most authentic experience.

Tip: We can make a great photo album – Bring your cameras, phones, props and all the gear you can get to make sure you have enough memories to take back home.

Follow Vintage Ride’s journey online


Email: vintageridecyprus@gmail.com

FB: Vintage Ride | Instagram: @vintageridecyprus

ολα ειναι δρομος | ιστοριες σε χρωμα θαλασσι

Η ζωή καμιά φορά κρύβει τα παιχνίδια της με μεγάλη πονηριά. Σε αφήνει να νομίζεις ότι κάνεις το δικό σου και το γελοίο είναι ότι νομίζεις πως νικάς. Πως τα καταφέρνεις μόνη… Ώσπου μια μέρα έρχεται από το πουθενά, ένα χάος σε χρώμα θαλασσί και σε ανακατεύει τόσο πολύ, που φέρνει τα πάνω κάτω – η ζωή εκεί πιο πέρα, γελάει με την αντίδραση σου. Όλα είναι δρόμος, λέει… Και αυτό που ακολουθείς και σε ακολουθά πλέον είναι ήδη γραμμένο στο πεπρωμένο σου γιαυτό καλά είναι να το χωνέψεις.

Μια ευθεία είναι αυτός ο δρόμος. Η ζωή θέλει γραμμές και κατευθύνσεις.

Μόνο που εγώ έχω μάθει στις καμπύλες και ότι το μπλε χρώμα του ουρανού με έχει μάθει πως εκτός από τον ορίζοντα που είναι όντως μια ευθεία, μπορώ να ελπίζω και να περιμένω να δω και όλα αυτά τα σύννεφα, που θα με κάνουν να ονειρευτώ. Που θα με αφήσουν να γευτώ, αυτό το κάτι, το άπιαστο… και να φανταστώ έναν άλλο κόσμο… και να πιστέψω σε κάτι μαγικό, όπως έκανα παλιά, όταν ήμουνα παιδί.

ίσως να μην βγάζουν νόημα όλα αυτά,


όλα είναι δρόμος,

και ευθείες,

και καμπύλες

|και αυτές είναι οι ιστορίες μου σε χρώμα θαλασσί.

ενα αντιο να πεις, ενα αντιο με πολλη αγαπη.

Είναι και κάποιες μέρες που θέλεις να χαθείς από όλους κι από όλα. Να κλείσεις πόρτες, τηλέφωνα, ολάκερα σπίτια και να χαθείς στην μαυρίλα των σκέψεων σου. Ο λόγος? Η σκέψη των αγαπημένων σου που χάθηκαν ξαφνικά από τη ζωή, από τη δική σου καθημερινότητα.

Μιλάς στον εαυτό σου και λες ‘αν είχα ακόμα 5 λεπτά μαζί τους’ και χτυπάς το κεφάλι σου στον τοίχο όταν συνειδητοποιείς ότι δεν έχεις ούτε ένα, ο χρόνος δεν έφτασε για όλα όσα θέλεις να πεις και να ζήσεις μαζί τους. Και κάπως έτσι φεύγουν όλοι, με μια δυσκολία, με ένα κόμπο στο στομάχι που για πολλούς μένει για πάντα. Πεθαίνουν…

Μέσα σου όμως ζουν.. σε όλες εκείνες τις αναμνήσεις, τις φωτογραφίες, τα μαθήματα που σου έμαθαν, στα εφόδια που σου έδωσαν για τη ζωή. Στα παραμύθια που θα λες στους επόμενους και θα είναι οι ήρωες σου.

Και γεμίζει ο παράδεισος σιγά σιγά, αγαπησιάρικες φωνές, παιδικά γέλια, γαβγίσματα. εδώ κάτω στη γη είναι το θέμα, για σένα που τίποτα δεν είναι ίδιο όπως παλιά. Το μόνο σίγουρο είναι πως τα πάντα αλλάζουν. Και πρέπει να βρεις τη δύναμη και να αλλάξεις και εσύ, τη ζωή σου, το πρωινό σου, το κρεβάτι σου, την καθημερινότητα σου, τις συνήθειες σου.

Ένα πράγμα να θυμάσαι μέσα σε όλα αυτά. Όσοι αγαπάς είναι αθάνατοι, ζουν μέσα σου, στο μυαλό και στην καρδιά σου. Να τους κρατάς σαν φυλαχτό πολύτιμο, να γίνουν η προσωπική σου πυξίδα και να τους τιμάς. Να ζεις και να κάνεις όσα δεν πρόλαβαν αυτοί να κάνουν για σένα και για τους υπόλοιπους. Να πεις το αντίο όταν είσαι έτοιμος, να το πεις με πολλή αγάπη, να το εννοείς, και να πας εκεί έξω να τους κάνεις περήφανους. Αντε σε περιμένουν, σε βλέπουν και χαμογελούν για σένα…

Ώρα τώρα να φουσκώσεις στήθος, να βάλεις πείσμα και να ζήσεις… να κάνεις τη διαφορά, να κάνεις ανθρώπους να χαμογελούν, να αλλάξεις καταστάσεις, να κάνεις έρωτα, να τα βρεις με τον εαυτό σου. Σύμφωνοι?

Υ.Σ.: Αφιερωμένο σε αγαπημένα πρόσωπα που είναι ψηλά στον ουρανό και βλέπουν… Αλήθεια μας βλέπουν… Φίλοι, γνωστοί, οικογένεια και αδελφές ψυχές, τα δικά μας πουλιά που ταξιδεύουν αιώνια… Τους χρωστάμε ένα αντίο με πολλή αγάπη.



Να σου κανω μια αγκαλια να περασουν ολα?

Είναι και κάτι αγκαλιές που χάνεσαι μέσα ολάκερος. Λιώνεις μέσα στη ζεστασιά που σου προσφέρει και δεν θέλεις να την αφήσεις ποτέ. Ασφάλεια, αγάπη και μια δόση γλυκάδας, αυτά νιώθεις με δυο χέρια να σε σφίγγουν και να μην θέλουν να σε αφήσουν ποτέ.



Μια αγκαλιά μονάχα φτάνει για να γιατρέψει πληγές, δάκρυα, την μοναξιά ολόκληρη. Να αγκαλιάζεστε, να αγαπάτε, να το δείχνετε… Με αγκαλιές μεγάλες, με αγκαλιές μικρές τόσο δα. Με μια απλή κίνηση να έχουν όλα νόημα. Να σώζετε ζωές, ανθρώπους και ψυχές… Τα χέρια μας, η αγκαλιά μας, η δύναμη μας. Η αγκαλιά μας, ικανή να ενώσει όλα τα κομμάτια που σκόρπισαν οι άλλοι…


Άκου με που σου λέω και έλα να σου κάνω μια αγκαλιά να περάσουν όλα…

Να σε δώ να γελάς και πάλι…

Υ.Σ. Για έρωτες, φιλίες, οικογένεια, παιδιά, ζωάκια… Δώστε μια αγκαλιά σήμερα!

The best gift ideas for the romantic lovers: Bralettes | by Miss Funky Natty

I met this funky woman the other day, while trying to get my son an ice-cream. She was patiently watching my effort with a smile on her face, when I finally managed to sit down and greet her. Natalie, the lady behind Miss Funky Natty, was an easy-going lady, full of energy and passion for creation. Psychologist by studies, Artist by heart she splits her hours between kids and crafts…

Bralettes! She is doing an amazing job with bralettes which happen to be my favorite underwear for the past 5 years (so comfy and sexy, right? 😛 ). She creates them with pure love, guided by her vision and the magic of her hands… Romance is all over the place, with choices of flowers, blue and red colours, as well as funky notes such us pineapples and ice-creams, making these bralettes the ideal gifts for your besties and your lovers.


The best gift ideas for the romantic lovers: Bralettes | by Miss Funky Natty

Guess what? This weekend you can find her at Threads Pop-Up Shop, exhibiting a collection of ONLY twenty bralettes in Limassol at Beat Παζάρ Πολυχώρος! Will you be there? x

Find Miss Funky Natty online

ETSY Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MissFunkyNatty | FB:@missfunkynatty | Instagram: @missfunkynatty/




How difficult is… to live in the moment!

Με αφορμή την πιο κάτω φωτογραφία, είπα να γράψω ένα πόστ αφιερωμένο σε όλους εμάς που έχουμε κολλήσει με την τεχνολογία τόσο πολύ τα τελευταία χρόνια που ξεχνάμε να ζήσουμε και να νιώσουμε τη στιγμή.

Αλήθεια τώρα, πόσο δύσκολο είναι να ζήσουμε πραγματικά το κάθε λεπτό της ζωής?

Πάμε σε συναυλίες και εκδηλώσεις με κύριο στόχο να έχουμε το καλύτερο υλικό για ποστάρισμα στο Φατσοβιβλίο και έτσι καταλήγουμε να χάνουμε την ουσία, την μουσική, το δροσερό αεράκι, την μαγεία της απλότητας…

Είμαστε τόσο πολύ μαζί με κάποιον αλλά τόσο μακριά ταυτόχρονα, γιατί η προσοχή μας είναι στα μαθηματικά των likes του Instagram.

Όπως λέει και πιο κάτω, ο κόσμος πλέον είναι σχεδιασμένος για να μας ρίξει στην κατάθλιψη. Μας μπουκώνει με ψέυτικες ανάγκες και άδειες υποσχέσεις. Μας σπρώχνει προς τα υλικά αγαθά και το δήθεν status για να αρέσουμε.  Μας αναγκάζει να είμαστε μέρος ενός καταδικασμένου συστήματος.

Είναι αλήθεια τόσο δύσκολο να σταματήσουμε όλη αυτή τη βαβούρα γύρω μας και απλά να ζήσουμε στη στιγμή? Πραγματικά η κυρία στην φωτογραφία είναι παράδειγμα προς μίμηση. Αυτή ξέρει το μυστικό!

Λοιπόν, κλείνω λάπτοπ, βάζω τη μουσική στο φουλ και πάω να γίνω και πάλι παιδί για μια στιγμή με το γιό μου…


Leda Theo presents ‘AROMA’!


Featuring Leda Theophylaktou on Aimerlavie’s project ”People that are special” a while ago, was a sincere appreciation of art and human character; Divine, lost in her dreamy world full of colors she showed me that humans can excel in solitude.


I have been following her journey ever since and i’m proud to write for her again, this time because her exhibition is only a few days away. We came close through her art, because everything she does has something to do with nature and I really love nature…


This year she presents the visual exhibition ‘AROMA’; a sea of floral oil paintings  that she created after being inspired from spring in Cyprus, for which we all hold a special place in our heart.

invitation AROMA by Leda Theo 10-12 May

Quick Facts for the Art Exhibition

Artist: Leda Theo

Theme: Floral
Dates: May 10-11-12

Place: The Gym Project (87-89 Onassagorou, Nicosia)
Opening night: Thursday 10/5 at 19:00 with wine.

In-Gallery conversation: On Friday 11/5, at 19:00 with Mrs Lia Ellinas Tornaritis.
Last Day: Saturday 12/5.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1509811752498751/

We will see you there! x.x


Find LEDA online

www.ledatheo.com | FB: Leda Theo | Instagram @ledatheo



SHE. | Frida Kahlo for Hairspray

IMG_8353 2
S H E.

she’s the

i n s p i r a t i o n for years to come.

she’s the lady you’ve been always admiring

from a distance.

[ she’s the one and only. ]

IMG_8358 2
She looks at you like maybe you are
m [a] g i c;

She has those p.l.a.y.f.u.l. eyes
that are dangerously beautiful & inviting;

She is F I R E
waiting to light up y o u r world of darkness.

She is about to give c o l o u r
to your B&W world.

She is beauty
and she is everywhere;
| in old memories
& faded
d r e a m s. 
She lives amongst
and w i t h i n
US, conquering
with K I N D N E S S.
She is the b o o k you read just now,
taking you back to the good
old d a y s
the note you wrote this morning to your l o v e r. ]
Hairspray Cyprus.
welcomes you
in a world
full of
Dare to be the way you want to be.
Dare to make changes.
Dare to live your life in your own terms.
Dare to dare. 
SHE. | Teaser video

Hairstylist Michael Eliades 
Hairstudio Hairspray Cyprus
Fashion Stylist Antique à Boutique
MUA Makeup Art By Lambriana Savva
Model Argyro Nikolaou
Concept Designer Marianna Charalampous
Photographer Louis Lo
Creative concept by Aimerlavie


A concept, an idea, come to life when a group of creatives collaborates and expands on the initial design of thought. The concept of Frida was captured to show how fierce women can be in the year of 2017 with the help of men like Michael Eliades, who is the owner of Hairspray Studio in Dali. 

| Royal Enfield CY spotted in Limassol |

Visiting Two-Wheel Passion Festival on an autumn afternoon was a true blessing for me as I had the chance to meet a very special young man, full of ambitious dreams for the future, Nestoras Vakanas, the proud owner of Royal Enfield Cyprus in Limassol.


I was super excited to find out that a brand new store had opened its doors to the Royal Enfield brand; only the lovers of classic & vintage could appreciate the importance of this happening. Two years ago the Classic model was the first motorbike that I wanted so badly but everyone said otherwise mainly because nobody else had at that moment and the spare parts would be difficult to find as the brand was British!


I decided to pay a visit to him and went over to the official shop that is located in the centre of Limassol to check out the models he’d got there. I was so happy to see that young people get as enthusiastic as I do for Royal Enfield models. You could see it through my face; all the models at the shop made me think only about one thing…

the true calling of a biker…

the feeling of  f r e e d o m.

So that was it. I decided that I would make this beauty mine. And simple as that, I fell in love with RE again promising that on 5th of March 2018 (my birthday) RE Classic 500 would be mine.

Check out the additional photos from the shop:

Made like a gun indeed: Royal Enfield motorbikes available for sale in Limassol.

Find more info on their Facebook page: Royal Enfield Cyprus

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Meet a vintage soul 

I always felt nostalgic of past times. So when Mihalis, an amazing hair stylist from Hairspray, recommended dying my hair in a different colour and doing a pin-up hairstyle for me I couldn’t resist and gladly said ‘please do as you wish’. He created a stunning result as you can see below, making me feel like a lady from a different era. Some friends called me Agent Carter, while others said i look like Jessica Rabbit; they all made me blush actually.

To my eyes, i look like a vintage soul coming to life from an old movie and I really love my new self. Isn’t all about loving yourself first, making Y O U happy, gaining an independent mind so nothing can touch you? I think i’m on the right track! Enjoy the journey back in time x

22811520_1972372913008900_987195060_n (1)



22855514_1972372756342249_306215625_n (1)

Pin-up hairstyle by Michalis | Thank you for making me feel like a proper lady |

Powered by Hairspray

#wow #colour #hairstyle #vintage

Feeling Nostalgic

I’m the type of girl
that should’ve been born
in the era
of handwritten letters
and chocolate and flowers
the era where holding hands
was considered a big thing
when boys asked
a girl’s parents
for permission
to take her out
the era where
was real.




agent carter goast



Photo Credits Anima Mundi Photography

Vintage wintertime by Kasetophono



Two-wheel passion festival & DGR Limassol | Meet the masterminds|

For this post I’ll just name two events; Two-Wheel Passion Festival and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride; Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about those greatly combined events that took place last month over a very special weekend in Limassol. To us, the motorbike lovers it was a marvellous concept and we were very excited to be a part of all this. We were able to see some of the most beautiful vintage, classic & custom motorcycles, while we had the chance to support a fundraiser event.



I had the curiosity to meet the masterminds behind such a clever idea, so I looked for the most dapper looking guys at the event. Behind a booth I saw them all together; Renos, Panayiotis and his wife Elena were out of place and time, living in another era, perhaps it was 1950’s where gentle words and kind smiles were not forced but given purely by heart. And they all did smile to me, welcoming me and my friends  so warmly to the event.

Meet Panayiotis


Panayiotis Demetriades, the mastermind behind The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and official host of the event for the past 3 years, is in fact a Shoe Designer in real life, who loves adventures in the wild and rides every now and then in expeditions to Asia and Europe. He admitted that a lot of hard work was put by the team to create these events and most of it came out at a personal cost. It is remarkable that DGR Limassol managed to grow fast in numbers over the last 3 years and he feels very proud of it.

Distinguished Gentlemen: 7 in 2015 -> 107 in 2016 -> 197 in 2017


Panayiotis shared with us that more sponsors will change dramatically the course of the festival and it will allow the team to create the best motorbike show on the island! It is obvious their love drives their passion and these guys are not doing it for the money, it’s just a cause that is very dear to their heart and they just want to share it with the whole world.

Meet Renos


Renos Demetriou, the mastermind behind the Two-Wheel Passion Festival, is in fact a Brand Engineer and a very passionate animal lover; his style and way of thinking remind me of Steve Jobs and I can see that he is deep into innovation thinking. The experience he’s got from being a member in different committees from around the world, meeting so many different people with interesting cultures, is being used well now in the motoworld of Cyprus. Creating the festival from scratch & bringing in life his dream is an extraordinary act upon his thoughts. He admitted that a lot of concepts and ideas are still at the back of his head and year by year the festival will grow into something bigger, so we will have to wait and see what is coming up.

The cafe culture is not common in Cyprus but the movement has started and I bet it is going to be a lovely ride. It is already proved by the DGR and TWPF growth and public support. The foundations are well established by these two gentlemen; it was my honour to spend a creative afternoon with them, listening to their childhood stories and future thoughts.


Meet Elena


All this wouldn’t be possible without the KEY player in the story: Mrs Elena, Panayiotis wife. They say behind every successful man there is a passionate woman. First time I saw her, riding her scooter with her beautiful daughter, Marie-Nicole, at the back I was super excited. Not because she could ride the motorbike; but simply because she can be a role-model to all mothers and wives out there. She is the superhuman in this beautiful story, supporting the vision and the ideas of these guys, growing a beautiful ginger soul into a fine young lady by the highest standards.

As she confessed to me, her love for motorbikes is something that is deeply connected with the sense of freedom. She rides because of the feeling of freedom, while she doesn’t mind to seat as a second passenger with her husband to enjoy his company as well; I can see they both love each other in a very beautiful way and I do wish them to continue this beautiful journey in life, riding into the same direction for years to come.

She admitted to me that she is in love with a Hercules motorbike she saw  in Germany, while her dream is to drive one classic motorbike into the streets of Austria. I believe she is one of the coolest ladies in Cyprus, don’t you agree?:)


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Next post coming up

” Two-Wheel Passion Festival | The Aftermath|”


Panayiotis’s motorbike | BMW R80


Renos’ motorbike | DUCATI 900SS CAFE RACER

It is about time…

‘Golden Hour’

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Beirut for about 10 hours; it was a super-fast trip, made possible with the help of the visionary masterminds behind Aviator Flight Centre & Aviation Minds, Mr Nicos Kountouris and Mrs Nadine Itani respectively. While I’m preparing a very nice video to elaborate on my visit to Lebanon for that day, I still want to give you something extra regarding the trip. And I believe I should share with you a piece of written art, that got my attention on that beautiful afternoon on Thursday with the sunset falling on my back while I was reading about time at the Executive Aircraft Lounge. So here it goes…


Time is flying burning on its way what is the rest of our lives; leaving behind nice memories and bitter moments… Time passes by allowing us to look back, but never to go back!


A powerful thing that we have, yet we will never own. A rare gift that once lost, we can never find it back. A precious present from the universe that can ease pain, erase hatred, bring back people together or put them apart.

Haven’t we wished, begged, prayed for a minute longer? For a second that could have changed the path of our lives? Haven’t we all taken for granted valuable moments, that once gone, we spend the rest of our lives regretting, digging graves looking for absolution?

Time to share | to give |

Time to forgive | to love |

Time to be happy.

We live our everyday lives as if we were eternally granted time, caring about superficial things, trying to exchange this great donation of the universe with money, stealing every moment dedicated to our loved ones, transferring it to a fake account called work, pretending to buy happiness.

Time is just like a candle which melts under the flame of life; choice is ours, either we enlighten the darkness of our path with its flame or we just let it burn our visions with its flamboyant light.

Isn’t it about time to take the time to listen? | To hear ourselves.

Isn’t time to open your eyes? | To look at life.

Isn’t about time to speak? | To say the truth & to express some love.

Isn’t about time to show some affection | To reveal the veil?

Isn’t about time to grab & give, to live, to love, to be happy, to help, to enjoy, to remember, to forget and to forgive?

There is never better time than the time we have at this very moment.

It is about time…

Written by Mona Sabongi, CEO of ‘Seulement Pour VIP’

Take-off | Beirut- Rafic Hariri International Airport

Demetris Pitsillides: An inspirational break dancer that followed his heart!

During my daily morning rituals, besides coffee and breakfast, I usually like to read all the news and trends on the internet. On Monday morning, I watched the mini documentary ‘Full-time Passion’ where D-Prank, a young man from Limassol decided to follow his passion and by doing that, he inspired dozens of others to follow their hearts (I know he had this effect on me for sure).


In a world where society knows ‘better’ and instructs us what’s the best route in life for us without even asking us, maybe it’s time to question our motives and see if we actually live the way we want to. My advice: watch the documentary with an open mind and heart. Like it, share it and spread the news to the whole world – we are free to do what we want, to find what we love and live our passion. What are we waiting for?


Find D-prank on FACEBOOK and follow his journey in life for daily motivation!



Two-wheel passion festival | CY |

This weekend we celebrate creativity, individuality, and freedom at the Two-Wheel Passion Festival; get ready to see the most beautiful vintage, classic and custom motorcycles, while supporting a fundraiser event.



One-of-a kind event| FRI, 22 SEP – SUN, 24 SEP 2017 | Old Port, Limassol

—– What will you see ——


TWPF MotoShowcase

Through the 3-day festival you will be able to see the best pieces of classical/ vintage and custom bikes on a moto exhibition. Get your cameras ready!


|The photos are from last year’s event|

—– What will you buy——


Burgers/ Beers / Coffees




Pre-order online your TWPF cap or t-shirt (Click here)

—– What will you listen ——


Live performances by bands

FRI| Murphy’s Brother In-Law |

SAT | Black Anis |

SUN | Logout |


DJ Sessions at night

FRI|Rock & Blues |

SAT | Rock & Blues |

SUN | Claudio Saghbini |


—– What will you experience ——


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Limassol Cyprus

The themed ride, during which suited up gentlemen – or gentlewomen – ride together in style, will take place on Sunday 24th of September at 10am, while in the afternoon a Special Award Ceremony will take place at 4pm.

The DGR takes place in more than ninety countries around the world on the same day to raise funds and awareness for the prostate cancer and men’s mental health. If you wish to donate to the cause, please visit the DGR website on gentlemansride.com

Suit-up and ride


Two-wheel passion festival is a three-day long celebration for “anyone who loves old motorcycles, great music, food and greasy culture”

See you there!

Less than a week till DGR 2017 – Visit the website to make a donation to prostate cancer and men’s mental health on behalf of the Movember Foundation, or register to ride at your nearest event taking place on Sunday, September 24th.

If you ride a classic or vintage styled bike and love to dress dapper, set up your fundraising profile today by visiting gentlemansride.com

DGR2017 FB Cover Image

It’s a DGR kind of thing for Panayiotis VOL.2

If you don’t know what DGR stands for then you are about to find out! DGR2017-POSTER-WEB

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual motorcycle charity event that raises funds for the Movember Foundation, of whom operate globally to improve the lives of men through prostate cancer research and men’s mental health initiatives.

This year 70% of the total funds raised will be invested directly into the Foundation and will be split between prostate cancer clinical research, prostate cancer health services and men’s mental health and suicide prevention projects.Master Style GuideThe Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride looks to activate all riders who own and ride classic and custom style motorcycles and scooters (SEE ABOVE THE STYLE GUIDE) to dress dapper and unite in a parade through their city to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health and suicide prevention. This year in Cyprus the ride takes place in Limassol on the 24th of September – to find out if there’s a ride in your city, or a city near you, visit the rides page.

[The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has multiple goals ]

To raise awareness of preventive measures

To break stereotypes

To give people a chance to raise funds for a worthy cause whilst riding their machines, which is kind of cool right?

If you don’t have a suitable vehicle, but you are passionate about the outcomes of this event, then you can sponsor a rider or place a generic donation, which will contribute towards the charitable goals of the event.



In this post, Aimerlavie features Panayiotis Loizou, a moto lover, that will participate at the [ DGR 2017 – Limassol, Cyprus] in an effort to support prostate cancer & men’s mental health for the Movember Foundation.




Sponsor him here: https://www.gentlemansride.com/fundraiser/panayiotisloizou162949



Find more info: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride



It’s a DGR kind of thing for these guys VOL.1

If you don’t know what DGR stands for then you are about to find out! DGR2017-POSTER-WEB

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an annual motorcycle charity event that raises funds for the Movember Foundation, of whom operate globally to improve the lives of men through prostate cancer research and men’s mental health initiatives.

This year 70% of the total funds raised will be invested directly into the Foundation and will be split between prostate cancer clinical research, prostate cancer health services and men’s mental health and suicide prevention projects.Master Style GuideThe Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride looks to activate all riders who own and ride classic and custom style motorcycles and scooters (SEE ABOVE THE STYLE GUIDE) to dress dapper and unite in a parade through their city to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health and suicide prevention. This year in Cyprus the ride takes place in Limassol on the 24th of September – to find out if there’s a ride in your city, or a city near you, visit the rides page.

[The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has multiple goals ]

To raise awareness of preventive measures

To break stereotypes

To give people a chance to raise funds for a worthy cause whilst riding their machines, which is kind of cool right?

If you don’t have a suitable vehicle, but you are passionate about the outcomes of this event, then you can sponsor a rider or place a generic donation, which will contribute towards the charitable goals of the event.

In this post, Aimerlavie features Petros and Constantinos, two moto lovers, that will participate at the [ DGR 2017 – Limassol, Cyprus] in an effort to support prostate cancer & men’s mental health for the Movember foundation.




Sponsor him here: https://www.gentlemansride.com/fundraiser/petros1988







Find more info: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride




“Human beings
are made of water–-
we were not designed
to hold ourselves together
rather run freely
like oceans
like rivers”

~Beau Christopher Taplin, Hunting Season

Back in March, I made to myself a very crucial question:

‘Marianna, how do you want to raise up your son?’

It wasn’t long before I decided to book a holiday trip of a week for the two of us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Mainly the reason was to challenge myself – trust me it’s not easy carrying around a 3-year-old, but it’s a very interesting process where you learn the virtue of patience and much more. So my answer to that question was:

‘I want him to be free, but in order to do that he must first go out there and see the world. He needs to taste different cultures and meet many people, to see the possibilities that lie around us and think of himself as a unique piece of this puzzle, of this ocean that is full of potentials. After these lessons, he can decide upon the life he wishes to follow. Exploring is a hot trend, not only for travel but also for inner peace. To explore the whole world perhaps is easier that dedicating time into exploring our depths. Travelling allows you to combine these two. So I hope between airplanes and unknown lands I will allow him to experience this privilege, and in a way invest in becoming the best version of himself.’

Fast-forward to June, we got on a plane for a 4-hour flight journey. Needless to say, my son was curious about this new adventure and eager to discover everything from the convenience of his stroller 🙂 So together, with the help of my dear friend, Anninos, we explored Copenhagen as much as we could. It was a week, full of emotions and joys, rainy and windy days, with memories that will last a lifetime.

| E X P L O R E | D E N M A R K |

Οι πιο ομορφες συμβουλες

O Στεφανος Ξενακης μας δίνει τις πιο όμορφες συμβουλές που θα μπορούσαμε ποτέ να πάρουμε απο κάποιον. Στο χέρι μας είναι να τις υλοποιήσουμε, μια κάθε μέρα, μέχρι να τις βάλουμε όλες καλά στο μυαλό μας και κατ’επέκταση στη ζωή μας. Εμεις τις μοιραζόμαστε μαζί σας και αφήνουμε τα υπόλοιπα σε εσάς!

”Να κοιμάσαι νωρίς. Η μέρα ξεκινάει από το βράδυ.
Πριν πας για ύπνο να έχεις οργανώσει την επόμενη μέρα. Με χαρτί και μολύβι. Μην την αφήνεις στην τύχη. Οι μέρες γίνονται μήνες και οι μήνες γίνονται χρόνια. Μια φορά ζεις. Τίμα την.
Να έχεις τετράδιο με στόχους. Να το τηρείς ευλαβικά. Να τους σκαλίζεις και να τους ξαναγράφεις. Αυτοί είναι ο μπούσουλας της ζωής σου.
Γενικά να γράφεις. Σου κάνει καλό. Αλαφραίνει την ψυχή σου.
Να ξυπνάς νωρίς. Πολύ νωρίς. Εάν το μυαλό σου θέλει να χουζουρέψει να μην το ακούς. Να μάθεις να μη διαπραγματεύεσαι με το μυαλό σου. Να περνάει το δικό σου.
Να κοιτάς τον εαυτό σου στον καθρέφτη και να του χαμογελάς. Και να του μιλάς όμορφα. Φίλος σου είναι. Ο καλύτερος που έχεις.
Να κατεβαίνεις για περπάτημα ή για τρέξιμο όπου κι αν μένεις. Τουλάχιστον για 20λεπτά. Ζεσταίνει τις μηχανές σου. 
Να ακούς κάτι την ώρα που περπατάς. Εμπνευσμένες ομιλίες. Εμπνευσμένους ανθρώπους. Μ’ένα σμπάρο 2 τρυγόνια.
Να χαμογελάς σε αυτούς που συναντάς. Να τους λες καλημέρα. Κι ας μη σου λένε. Κάποιο λόγο θα’χουν.
Να κοιτάς την ομορφιά τριγύρω σου. Παντού υπάρχει.
Να φτιάχνεις ένα όμορφο πρωινό. Όχι μόνο για σένα.
Να μπαίνεις στο ντους και να το απολαμβάνεις. Να αφήνεις τις σκέψεις έξω.
Να ντύνεσαι όμορφα.
Να φροντίζεις τον εαυτό σου σαν να ήταν ο σημαντικότερος άνθρωπος στον κόσμο. Είσαι. Απλά δε στο’παν.
Να βρίσκεις 15 λεπτά για να διαβάζεις. Κάθε μέρα. Περιόρισε τα social. Μην ανοίξεις τηλεόραση. Είναι ψέμα ότι δεν υπάρχει χρόνος. Εσύ θα τον βρεις. Κανείς δεν στον χαρίζει. Όπως και τη ζωή.
Να πηγαίνεις στη δουλειά σου με κέφι. Ακόμα κι αν δεν τη γουστάρεις. Αν χρειαστεί να βρεις άλλη. Όσο είσαι εκεί όμως να την τιμάς. Έτσι τιμάς τον εαυτό σου.
Να παραδίδεις 10Χ τον μισθό σου. Ακόμα κι αν είναι μικρός. Για σένα το κάνεις.
Να δουλεύεις ομαδικά. Και να ζεις συλλογικά. Δεν γίνεται αλλιώς.
Να τρως δεκατιανό. Να σε προσέχεις σαν τα μάτια σου. Μια μπανάνα, ή ένα μήλο. Μην παραμυθιάζεσαι. Εύκολο είναι.
Να κάνεις παρέα με τους καλύτερους. Αυτούς που έχουν κάτι παραπάνω από σένα. Αυτό που θέλεις. Μην τους φοβάσαι. Μην τους ζηλεύεις. Αυτοί θα σε πάνε παραπάνω. Γίνεσαι αυτός που κάνεις παρέα. Βάλε τον πήχυ ψηλά.
Να χαίρεσαι με τη χαρά του άλλου.
Να πίνεις μπόλικο νερό.
Και να αναπνέεις βαθιά. Να φουσκώνει η κοιλιά σου όταν το κάνεις. Κι ας μην είναι της μόδας.
Να βλέπεις λιγότερο τηλεόραση. Μια ώρα να κόψεις τη μέρα έχεις γλιτώσει 360 ώρες, δηλαδή 9 εργάσιμες εβδομάδες. Όταν οι άλλοι θα έχουν 12 μήνες εσύ θα έχεις 14.
Να μην πιστεύεις στην τύχη. Εσύ τη φτιάχνεις. Χώνεψέ το και θα αλλάξει όλη σου η ζωή.
Να τη ζεις τη ζωή. Όταν γελάς να γελάς. Όταν κλαις να κλαις, όταν πονάς να πονάς. Δεν είσαι από πορσελάνη. Δεν θα σπάσεις. Οι πορσελάνες είναι για τη βιτρίνα.
Να περνάς χρόνο με τον εαυτό σου. Μην το φοβάσαι. Δεν είναι μοναξιά. Είναι κακό να μην μπορείς να κάτσεις μόνος σου μαζί του και να πρέπει να’χει κάτι πάντα ανοιχτό. Σαν να’χεις μουσαφίρη και να τον παρατάς μόνο. Όλες οι λύσεις είναι μέσα σου. Στο μυαλό σου και στην καρδιά σου. Χαμήλωσε το θόρυβο. Κλείσε τη φασαρία και θα σου φανερωθούν. Ο Θεός είναι μέσα σου λένε. Αυτό εννοούν. 
Να χρησιμοποιείς και το μυαλό σου και την καρδιά σου. Εσύ θα βρεις πότε το ένα και πότε το άλλο. Σαν τον καλό μάγειρα που ξέρει πότε να βάλει αλάτι και πότε πιπέρι.
Να σε βγάζεις βόλτα. Να σε πηγαίνεις σινεμά. Κι όπου αλλού γουστάρετε. Να νιώσεις ότι σε αγαπάς και σε τιμάς. Δεν το ξέρεις. Η ζωή σου είναι η σχέση σου με τον εαυτό σου.
Μη σκοτίζεσαι για τις γνώμες των άλλων. Να τις ακούς. Αλλά πρώτα να ακούς τη δική σου.
Να κλείνεις τα μάτια και να ονειρεύεσαι.
Να κάνεις πάντα μια καλή πράξη. Να βοηθάς τους τριγύρω σου. Ειδικά αυτούς που δεν ξέρεις. Η οικογένειά σου δεν σταματάει στα παιδιά σου. Όλοι είναι οικογένειά σου. Έτσι μόνο θα ευτυχήσεις. Δεν γίνεται αλλιώς.
Να κρατάς ημερολόγιο με τις ομορφιές της ζωής. Κάθε μέρα έχει τουλάχιστον 100. Να τις γράφεις όλες. Άμα δεν τις γράφεις φεύγουν. Θαύματα τα λέει ο Δάσκαλός μου. Το ότι περπατάς είναι ένα από αυτά. Γράψτο. Μην το προσπερνάς.
Μην κουτσομπολεύεις. Κοίτα τη δουλειά σου. Μόνο τον εαυτό σου ορίζεις.
Να την ψάχνεις. Να ρωτάς. Να διαβάζεις. Να μην πιστεύεις όλα όσα νομίζεις.
Να εξελίσεσαι κάθε μέρα. Μέχρι την τελευταία σου.
Να αγαπάς το διπλανό σου. Πρώτα όμως να αγαπάς τον εαυτό σου. Δεν έχεις άλλο. Μη γελιέσαι. Μόνος έρχεσαι και μόνος φεύγεις από τον κόσμο αυτό. Χωρίς τα παιδιά σου. Χωρίς το αμάξι σου. Χωρίς τα λεφτά σου.
Μόνο η αγάπη χωράει στις αποσκευές σου. Αυτή που πήρες και αυτή που έδωσες. 
Μόνο αγάπη υπάρχει.
Γι’ αυτό είσαι εδώ.”

#συμβουλεςζωης #ομορφοιανθρωποι #αγαπημονο


People that follow their instincts: Leda

AimerLaVie presents a new project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.

People that follow their instincts: Leda

It was a while ago when I saw some interesting paintings in a company’s conference room that intrigued me so badly that I wanted to meet the artist behind. I found out from the ladies at the office that the artist was Leda Theofylaktou and she was soon hosting a personal exhibition in Nicosia. I was excited to meet her but needed to go abroad for a business trip and missed her event. I said that I wanted a personal meeting with her in a cool place and invited her for a drink to interview her and see how she is reacting to a stranger’s curiosity.

Leda was a marvelous creature, with a big smile and curiosity in her eyes. She had an interesting historical background, growing in Kuwait for some years, then moving to Cyprus and finally to Athens where she achieved her Bachelor and Masters Degree in Fine Arts. Between Mykonos and Spain, she found inspiration for her art choosing to settle for a while so she could find the peace that was needed for her creations. She was reminiscing moments from a road-trip she had all over Europe, when I asked her what she loves most in life and she simply said ‘Dogs, the sea, Nutella, the intriguing music of Hindi Zahara and Jiu Jitsu.’

From her words and the time we spent together, I could see that she was a loner, trying constantly to find spirituality in everything she does. Her state of mind commands her daily to do whatever it keeps her happy; at night you won’t find her anywhere – she prefers to get lost in her thoughts at home while painting new pieces. She admitted being a control freak, while she believed her greatest accomplishment is that throughout her life she has followed her instincts [ ‘at one point it was exactly what I wanted so no second thoughts were allowed afterwards’ ].


#quotestoliveby: ‘people leave pieces of their soul in their art’

While she loves art, she doesn’t use it as an exit from reality- she can separate it from her emotions [ ‘Through art, I can explore my sub-conscience. I can talk for hours with myself, exploring the depths of my soul, the part of me that is still hidden from the rest of the world.’ ]

Small talks

Zodiac: Taurus

Age: 32 

Song: Anything from Buena Vista

Hidden gem in Nicosia: 9am visit at Famagusta Gate- Dog park

Dreamy Location: Ikaria [ I’m moving there soon ]

Language to learn: Spanish

Advice: Be water, my friend!

Have a look at her dreamy exhibition ‘The Underwater Series’ which was held last May at Hilton Cyprus.

We can’t wait for the next one!

Meanwhile please do meet her, she is an interesting lady to chat with, plus she has some paintings still on sale for you.


Paradise valley19457783_1390531244371798_1226235783_o


Crystal Shades19457522_1390532384371684_1621532286_o


Driven by desire19457706_1390533057704950_510698125_o


Kyoto Koi19451792_1390533371038252_910625285_o


The value of darkness



The fisherman’s dream19478470_1390535914371331_1566466465_o




Rose Lake19478513_1390536894371233_2134462348_o




Between the ripples of a peaceful lake19441263_1390537237704532_1209329967_n


A fish called Dorian19478594_1390538061037783_1568864528_o


Aqua Blues19489651_1390538871037702_1624270709_n


At peace with the dark side19478587_1390539507704305_1380429147_o

*No 7 & No 14 are still available for purchase. Call Leda to arrange a viewing TODAY.

Find LEDA online

www.ledatheo.com | FB: Leda Theo | Instagram @ledatheo


TEL: 97804880

Find your passion| ♡ |

It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Motivational note to myself

Find your passion and let it transform you. No matter who you are, where are you from or where do you work… Don’t be afraid to show your truest self to the world. Life it’s not about them, it’s about you; you need to explore your capabilities and find what it is that fuels your energy for life.




Photos by @anima_mundi8

Moto Apparel by J.L. Motorace CY  

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motorace.cy | & Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motoracecy/ |



Η αγάπη μου για τη Φρίντα είναι απέραντη, εξού και γιατί ενθουσιάστηκα τόσο πολύ με τη καινούρια συλλογή του Γιώργου, ο γνωστός σε όλους μας ‘dollmaker’-ιδιοκτήτης του  Lash Dolls the shop  (Διγενή Ακρίτα 78γ). Τον προηγούμενο μήνα έγραψα ένα ποστ (Διαβάστε το εδώ)  για την παρουσίαση που θα γινόταν στο κατάστημα του που αφορούσε αποκλειστικά την καινούργια του σειρά από προϊόντα “Los Fridas”. Εμπνευσμένες από την σπουδαία καλλιτέχνη Frida Kahlo , ο Γιώργος δημιούργησε κούκλες,  soft toys , keyrings,  t-shirts,  διακοσμητικά μαξιλάρια,  tote bags και κοσμήματα γεμάτα χρώματα και μοτίβα που μας ταξιδέυουν μέχρι και το Μεξικό! Εμείς τα είδαμε απο κοντά και αποκτήσαμε τα δικά μας προιόντα “Los Fridas”.

Δες μια ματιά τι επιλέξαμε και τρέξε γρήγορα να αποκτήσεις κι εσυ τα δικά σου μοναδικά προιόντα που θα σε κάνουν να ξεχωρίσεις:

Το πιο cool διακοσμητικό μαξιλάρι ever


Την must-have tote bag κατάλληλη για όλες τις ώρες


Το ξεχωριστό χειροποίητο key-ring που δεν θα χάσεις ποτέ 

Με σπιτική λεμονάδα-βατόμουρο στο χέρι, εμεις φωτογραφίσαμε για εσάς την υπόλοιπη συλλογή αλλά και τον μοναδικό χώρο που στεγάζει τις υπέροχες δημιουργίες του Γιώργου.

Πέρα απο την τεράστια συλλογή που διαθέτει το κατάστημα, αν πας εκεί ο Γιώργος θα σου μιλήσει για τη ζωή της Φρίντας και θα σε μεταφέρει πίσω στο χρόνο με τις σκέψεις του, σε εποχές γεμάτες χρώματα, ανέμελα σχέδια και ζωηρούς ρυθμούς. Αξίζει λοιπόν να τον επισκεφτείς και να βρεις τους θησαυρούς που κρύβει στο μικρό αλλά τοσο μοναδικό του κατάστημα.


Αν θέλεις να μπες κι εσύ στον μαγικό κόσμο του Γιώργου Lash αυτή τη στιγμή, απλά ακολούθησε το κατάστημα o n l i n e για να ενημερώνεσαι εγκαίρως για καινούριες δημιουργίες και εκδηλώσεις.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LashDolls-143245932420115/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lashdolls.handmade/?hl=en

Guess what? They ship W O R L D W I D E! 

For customized orders please email the shop at lashdollshandmade@gmail.com


| Do you believe in magic? |

“Do you believe in magic?”


W I L D is her favorite colour







Every soul is royal



Always keep that little place where the magic grows inside of you, A L I V E!


Photography by @helenadimitriou 

Makeup artist @Lambriana.Savva  

Handmade headpiece ‘Mermaid’s crown’ by @aimerlavieco

There is a quote by Chick Palahniuk I really endorse in my life lately; “We can spend our entire lives letting the world tell us who we are… or we can decide for ourselves.”

I love the freedom of choosing who I want to be every single day. To be flexible with my looks and my hobbies, to explore myself and my wants, to be water and take the shape of many different things…

So last month I woke up one day and said to myself that I really wanted to be a mermaid for a day. I wanted to feel the magic I used to find in all those books when I was a little girl. I didn’t have the tail but that didn’t stop me from creating my own crown made of seashells from the sea. You see, it’s up to our imagination to create our own little world. Little difference does it make to me, what the world believes about how I look or how I behave… I just want to live every single day with the full authority to be anything I want. I believe in magic, whether that is looking at a red rose by the morning sunlight of the day or listening to the waves somewhere, close to a remote beach. Being a mermaid made me feel that actually fairy tales do exist, we just have to create them for ourselves. we need to work for it, to plan for it and to execute it. It needs patience though, as something so beautiful, so magical needs time to grow and mature well.


Of course, any photo shooting would fail if behind the scenes the actual mastermind – the photographer – wasn’t gifted enough! Helena Dimitriou made me feel as a part of the ocean, talking to me in such a way that I was completely a different person – I became a mermaid for a while and that was truly unique. She is an original and guess what? She loves portraits and conceptual photography!:)

Follow her please on FB for more photo material (Click HERE)

To be a mermaid in this occasion, couldn’t be possible without the expertise of an amazing makeup artist and for this photo-shooting, I chose Lambriana Savva – a talented lady with astounding skills that understood the concept and wanted to take on the challenge.


Book a session with Lambriana through her page on FB (Click HERE)

‘Do you believe in magic?

I know I do.’

At Aimerlavie we want to create magic; therefore we blend creativity with beauty and we produce unique elements for special occasions. ‘Mermaid’s crown’, our handmade headpiece was carefully made with real seashells from the sea, unique shiny pearls and lots of blue details and shimmering love by Marianna.


Have a chat with us on Facebook to work on a special gift for your loved ones; it could be anything- SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Making people happy:) One step at a time…


#Nightthinker Vol.1

It’s 2AM in the morning. Just woke up from a nightmare and all i’m thinking is how i’m gonna use this bad energy to turn it into a positive one. I take a pen and start writing my thoughts on this empty paper. Here it goes: ”They say you should fear of the night thinkers and the daydreamers; they are both researching the deepest of their soul, asking questions with difficult answers. They explore potentials and miracles; and most of the time they act upon their thoughts trusting their intuition- they hardly ever fail. I’m looking at my son – between the chaos of my thoughts he is my sunshine, my lifejacket – that glowing firefly guiding me to the right direction. My instincts tell me to follow his innocence; for a child only knows purity, kindness and love in ways we cannot comprehend as adults. If only we didn’t interfere in their lives and tried to control everything. Sometimes not setting the rules for life is the best strategy to follow so you can grow beautiful humans.  And so we continue walking upon this journey of life. Loving each other, laughing at our misfortunes, hurting each other, crying over heartbreaks, falling down on our knees only to stand up again. Becoming stronger and more fragile than ever.

Two questions are on my mind tonight –

Who was I before they broke my heart? 


Who was I before society decided how I should be?

I know, it is a long journey I have to walk to find the answers to these questions, but I’m positive it will be the most challenging, the most beautiful ride ever...



Day Dreamer & Night Thinker


Photo Credits: Anima Mundi Photography

Hong Kong | ♡ | Photo Memoirs

Having a curiosity about life and different cultures I couldn’t resist visiting Hong Kong last month for a two-day business trip. Even if it was so short I managed to visit most of the recommendations that were given by a lovely lady I met at the Airport’s Arrival Hall; her name is Cecilia and she is working for Hong Kong Tourism Board (find more travelling information on their website, Facebook and Instagram) .

They say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so I will let my photo memoirs guide you through Hong Kong Highlights.

#1 Peak Tram


Tip from AimerLaVie: Walk from The Hong Kong Station to The Peak Tram Station for about 15 minutes, you will love exploring parks and cathedrals along the way. And go early in the morning, the queue is sooo long! Don’t forget to visit the old Tram that hosts HK Tourism Board for further travel suggestions.

#2 The Peak – Sky Terrace 428


Tip from AimerLaVie: Go at the top of the Sky Terrace 428 for free WIFI and for peaceful moments to enjoy the panoramic view of the HK Skyline. Don’t forget to visit Peak Galleria across the ‘428’, that happens to be a sustainable building with green features.

#3 Po Lin Monastery


Tip from AimerLaVie: Notice well the hall with the ten thousand Buddhas, starting from the 5 big statues, to the smallest ones that are so tiny you can’t distinguish they are not just drawings on the tiles.

#4 Big Buddha


Tip from AimerLaVie: If you have a drone, take it with you! The statue is H U G E and deserves some good aerial shots! Find inner peace by looking over the stunning view of the surrounding mountains and the sea.

#5 Graham Street


Tip from AimerLaVie: Make sure you take a photo like this. It’s a must for Instagrammers and Art lovers; you will use it as a poster later on for your ‘Wall of Memories’, as I call it. The whole area is upgrading with new hotels and luxury shops so walls like these are not very common.

#6 Hollywood Road

Tip from AimerLaVie: Walk there late afternoon so you can see all the NEON lights come to life, giving another character to the streets. The street is famous for shopping so save your energy for some shopping therapy.

#7 SeaFood Room Restaurant


Tip from AimerLaVie: After 8pm reserve a table at the top floor of the restaurant to enjoy a glass of wine while looking over the stunning view of Victoria Harbour. The food and the ambiance of this place are amazing! Event the restrooms have a unique style and come with a view of the skyline. [Follow them on Instagram]

#8 Ngong Ping Village


Tip from AimerLaVie: If you are a ‘romantic’ type of person you will love this wallpaper of the butterfly so don’t forget to stop by, while you are leaving from the Big Buddha. Enjoy your cold coffee at one of the many cafes that are on your way out of the village.

#9 Citygate Outlet Mall


Tip from AimerLaVie: Take the bus to Citygate Outlet Mall and have a look around for discounts and offers on brands like Coach, Club Monaco and Burberry. Eat Taiwanese cuisine at the Teawood. Make sure you try their traditional tea and dessert, mmm delicious!

#10 Regal Airport Hotel


Tip from AimerLaVie: Stay at this hotel which is located within the airport if you are a business traveller. Buy postcards and use the concierge service to send them over to friends and family, trust me they will love the gesture. Visit the Asian restaurant for a Tsingtao beer & a vegan meal, and the Om Spa for that treatment you’ve been craving for so long.

I have to share some thoughts with you. While I was on the plane I found myself thinking about this…What if I told you that you as a person is not you but many different people put together as a puzzle… you are born as a unique entity, but as you grow up you find bits and pieces from the world and you add them to the masterpiece of yourself. Parents, family, friends are the first to be added. Then there are our teachers, idols, strangers we meet in the streets and colleagues. And of course when we are travelling… Travelling gets to the core of your soul by finding within different layers that have been added through the years the skills to help you survive. It might make you feel lost in the beginning but if you just sit back and relax for a moment, you get that cheeky smile into space realising what a life changing experience it is. Because travelling reveals the best in you, the human, the explorer, the achiever, the tireless, the problem solver, the best version of yourself. Now imagine if we all get to travel how much better we would feel. How much we would appreciate ourselves. How much wows we would say to us “Wow i did that”, “Wow i can’t believe i could experience this”.

Be a traveller, discover yourself, be a better version of yourself.

Ps. I got the opportunity to meet a very special friend who accidently happened to be a proud owner of my favourite car; A Tesla model S! So I couldn’t but ask him to take me for a ride 🙂 I’m usually saying ‘If you don’t ask for what you want, how can you expect things to happen?’, so do not expect anything to change in your life or happen by accident; go out there and happen to things.



Day Traveller & Night Dreamer


Γνωριζεις ποια ειναι η Φριντα?

Πρότυπο της γυναικείας δημιουργικότητας και μαχητικότητας, η μεξικάνα ζωγράφος Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón (1907- 1954), γνωστή ως Φρίντα Κάλο είναι μια από τις σημαντικότερες γυναικείες παρουσίες στην τέχνη του 20ού αιώνα.

Μια γυναίκα διψασμένη για ζωή, ακτιβίστρια, γεμάτη πάθος και παράφορα ερωτευμένη με τη ελευθερία της κατάφερε να ξεπεράσει πολλές φορές τις δυσκολίες της ζωής και να γίνει σύμβολο για όλες τις γυναίκες. Όλα αυτά κατάφερε να τα αποτύπωσει πάνω στον καμβά της με πορτραίτα του εαυτού της, λέγοντας χαρακτηριστικά «Ζωγραφίζω αυτοπροσωπογραφίες επειδή είμαι το άτομο που γνωρίζω καλύτερα».

Γνωριζεις τις Lash Dolls?

Ο γνωστός doll maker, Γιώργος Lash, φτιάχνει με πολλή αγάπη χειροποίητες κούκλες, και όχι μόνο, στο ξεχωριστό Lash Dolls shop’ που διατηρεί στο κέντρο της Λευκωσίας τα τελευταία χρόνια. Tα χαρακτηριστικά που κάνουν τις κούκλες του να ξεχωρίζουν είναι τα μεγάλα εκφραστικά τους μάτια και οι έντονες βλεφαρίδες στο πρόσωπο. Μπορεί κάποιος να παραγγείλει την κούκλα που επιθυμεί με όποιες ιδιαιτερότητες χρειάζεται για να κάνει την LASH DOLL του ξεχωριστή.

Πρόσφατα πλησίασα τον Γιώργο Lash, ζητώντας του να μου δημιουργήσει μια ξεχωριστή κούκλα Φρίντα, η οποία προοριζόταν για μια αγαπημένη μου φίλη, η οποία λάτρευε την γνωστή καλλιτέχνιδα. Τα αποτελέσματα? Δείτε απλά τις φωτογραφίες παρακάτω. Γενικά θεωρώ τις ικανότητες του Γιώργου Lash πολύ ιδιαίτερες και τα δώρα που επιλέγω απο το κατάστημα του παραμένουν διαχρονικά και in style, κατάλληλα για γενέθλια, γιορτές και οποιαδήποτε περίσταση αφορά τα αγαπημένα μου πρόσωπα.