It is about time…

‘Golden Hour’

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Beirut for about 10 hours; it was a super-fast trip, made possible with the help of the visionary masterminds behind Aviator Flight Centre & Aviation Minds, Mr Nicos Kountouris and Mrs Nadine Itani respectively. While I’m preparing a very nice video to elaborate on my visit to Lebanon for that day, I still want to give you something extra regarding the trip. And I believe I should share with you a piece of written art, that got my attention on that beautiful afternoon on Thursday with the sunset falling on my back while I was reading about time at the Executive Aircraft Lounge. So here it goes…


Time is flying burning on its way what is the rest of our lives; leaving behind nice memories and bitter moments… Time passes by allowing us to look back, but never to go back!


A powerful thing that we have, yet we will never own. A rare gift that once lost, we can never find it back. A precious present from the universe that can ease pain, erase hatred, bring back people together or put them apart.

Haven’t we wished, begged, prayed for a minute longer? For a second that could have changed the path of our lives? Haven’t we all taken for granted valuable moments, that once gone, we spend the rest of our lives regretting, digging graves looking for absolution?

Time to share | to give |

Time to forgive | to love |

Time to be happy.

We live our everyday lives as if we were eternally granted time, caring about superficial things, trying to exchange this great donation of the universe with money, stealing every moment dedicated to our loved ones, transferring it to a fake account called work, pretending to buy happiness.

Time is just like a candle which melts under the flame of life; choice is ours, either we enlighten the darkness of our path with its flame or we just let it burn our visions with its flamboyant light.

Isn’t it about time to take the time to listen? | To hear ourselves.

Isn’t time to open your eyes? | To look at life.

Isn’t about time to speak? | To say the truth & to express some love.

Isn’t about time to show some affection | To reveal the veil?

Isn’t about time to grab & give, to live, to love, to be happy, to help, to enjoy, to remember, to forget and to forgive?

There is never better time than the time we have at this very moment.

It is about time…

Written by Mona Sabongi, CEO of ‘Seulement Pour VIP’

Take-off | Beirut- Rafic Hariri International Airport


“Human beings
are made of water–-
we were not designed
to hold ourselves together
rather run freely
like oceans
like rivers”

~Beau Christopher Taplin, Hunting Season

Back in March, I made to myself a very crucial question:

‘Marianna, how do you want to raise up your son?’

It wasn’t long before I decided to book a holiday trip of a week for the two of us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Mainly the reason was to challenge myself – trust me it’s not easy carrying around a 3-year-old, but it’s a very interesting process where you learn the virtue of patience and much more. So my answer to that question was:

‘I want him to be free, but in order to do that he must first go out there and see the world. He needs to taste different cultures and meet many people, to see the possibilities that lie around us and think of himself as a unique piece of this puzzle, of this ocean that is full of potentials. After these lessons, he can decide upon the life he wishes to follow. Exploring is a hot trend, not only for travel but also for inner peace. To explore the whole world perhaps is easier that dedicating time into exploring our depths. Travelling allows you to combine these two. So I hope between airplanes and unknown lands I will allow him to experience this privilege, and in a way invest in becoming the best version of himself.’

Fast-forward to June, we got on a plane for a 4-hour flight journey. Needless to say, my son was curious about this new adventure and eager to discover everything from the convenience of his stroller 🙂 So together, with the help of my dear friend, Anninos, we explored Copenhagen as much as we could. It was a week, full of emotions and joys, rainy and windy days, with memories that will last a lifetime.

| E X P L O R E | D E N M A R K |

Hong Kong | ♡ | Photo Memoirs

Having a curiosity about life and different cultures I couldn’t resist visiting Hong Kong last month for a two-day business trip. Even if it was so short I managed to visit most of the recommendations that were given by a lovely lady I met at the Airport’s Arrival Hall; her name is Cecilia and she is working for Hong Kong Tourism Board (find more travelling information on their website, Facebook and Instagram) .

They say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so I will let my photo memoirs guide you through Hong Kong Highlights.

#1 Peak Tram


Tip from AimerLaVie: Walk from The Hong Kong Station to The Peak Tram Station for about 15 minutes, you will love exploring parks and cathedrals along the way. And go early in the morning, the queue is sooo long! Don’t forget to visit the old Tram that hosts HK Tourism Board for further travel suggestions.

#2 The Peak – Sky Terrace 428


Tip from AimerLaVie: Go at the top of the Sky Terrace 428 for free WIFI and for peaceful moments to enjoy the panoramic view of the HK Skyline. Don’t forget to visit Peak Galleria across the ‘428’, that happens to be a sustainable building with green features.

#3 Po Lin Monastery


Tip from AimerLaVie: Notice well the hall with the ten thousand Buddhas, starting from the 5 big statues, to the smallest ones that are so tiny you can’t distinguish they are not just drawings on the tiles.

#4 Big Buddha


Tip from AimerLaVie: If you have a drone, take it with you! The statue is H U G E and deserves some good aerial shots! Find inner peace by looking over the stunning view of the surrounding mountains and the sea.

#5 Graham Street


Tip from AimerLaVie: Make sure you take a photo like this. It’s a must for Instagrammers and Art lovers; you will use it as a poster later on for your ‘Wall of Memories’, as I call it. The whole area is upgrading with new hotels and luxury shops so walls like these are not very common.

#6 Hollywood Road

Tip from AimerLaVie: Walk there late afternoon so you can see all the NEON lights come to life, giving another character to the streets. The street is famous for shopping so save your energy for some shopping therapy.

#7 SeaFood Room Restaurant


Tip from AimerLaVie: After 8pm reserve a table at the top floor of the restaurant to enjoy a glass of wine while looking over the stunning view of Victoria Harbour. The food and the ambiance of this place are amazing! Event the restrooms have a unique style and come with a view of the skyline. [Follow them on Instagram]

#8 Ngong Ping Village


Tip from AimerLaVie: If you are a ‘romantic’ type of person you will love this wallpaper of the butterfly so don’t forget to stop by, while you are leaving from the Big Buddha. Enjoy your cold coffee at one of the many cafes that are on your way out of the village.

#9 Citygate Outlet Mall


Tip from AimerLaVie: Take the bus to Citygate Outlet Mall and have a look around for discounts and offers on brands like Coach, Club Monaco and Burberry. Eat Taiwanese cuisine at the Teawood. Make sure you try their traditional tea and dessert, mmm delicious!

#10 Regal Airport Hotel


Tip from AimerLaVie: Stay at this hotel which is located within the airport if you are a business traveller. Buy postcards and use the concierge service to send them over to friends and family, trust me they will love the gesture. Visit the Asian restaurant for a Tsingtao beer & a vegan meal, and the Om Spa for that treatment you’ve been craving for so long.

I have to share some thoughts with you. While I was on the plane I found myself thinking about this…What if I told you that you as a person is not you but many different people put together as a puzzle… you are born as a unique entity, but as you grow up you find bits and pieces from the world and you add them to the masterpiece of yourself. Parents, family, friends are the first to be added. Then there are our teachers, idols, strangers we meet in the streets and colleagues. And of course when we are travelling… Travelling gets to the core of your soul by finding within different layers that have been added through the years the skills to help you survive. It might make you feel lost in the beginning but if you just sit back and relax for a moment, you get that cheeky smile into space realising what a life changing experience it is. Because travelling reveals the best in you, the human, the explorer, the achiever, the tireless, the problem solver, the best version of yourself. Now imagine if we all get to travel how much better we would feel. How much we would appreciate ourselves. How much wows we would say to us “Wow i did that”, “Wow i can’t believe i could experience this”.

Be a traveller, discover yourself, be a better version of yourself.

Ps. I got the opportunity to meet a very special friend who accidently happened to be a proud owner of my favourite car; A Tesla model S! So I couldn’t but ask him to take me for a ride 🙂 I’m usually saying ‘If you don’t ask for what you want, how can you expect things to happen?’, so do not expect anything to change in your life or happen by accident; go out there and happen to things.



Day Traveller & Night Dreamer

Working abroad: Anastasia!

Well, as all my friends know, I love living abroad. I consider it an adventure and I don’t want yet to stay in one place forever. My plan was to change work and country every year but plans change. God blessed me with a beautiful baby this year, so I’m waiting for him to be able to walk and the adventures will continue, i promise!!!

So for this post I got an interview from my cousin Anastasia Polykarpou, who finished her studies in Cyprus last year and she was thinking about finding a job abroad. A lot of young people nowadays are forced to go abroad to work because finding a job in Cyprus doesn’t work for everyone. I was glad that she was excited about doing a new start in life. Working abroad is not just a job. It allows you to grow and discover yourself. To overcome difficulties and learn how to be responsible for a house. To be independent and to be free. This post celebrates all the people who are working abroad:

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Q: How come and you decided to leave Cyprus to work abroad?

A: When I finished the university, I heard a lot about how difficult is to find a job as a nurse in Cyprus, as a result of the economic crisis. Also I wanted to learn the English language in full proficiency and get the advantage of having professional experience abroad. I have visited England before and have liked it, therefore it was a big opportunity for me to start a new life here.

Q: Do you miss your home?

A: Of course i miss my home!! there is no place like home:)

Q: Do you consider yourself more happy in UK? 

A: To be honest I feel happy with my life here, as i am more independent and I fill my everyday life with loads of activities (exercising), especially when i am not working, but for sure my life back home is constantly on my mind!