SHE. | Frida Kahlo for Hairspray

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S H E.

she’s the

i n s p i r a t i o n for years to come.

she’s the lady you’ve been always admiring

from a distance.

[ she’s the one and only. ]

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She looks at you like maybe you are
m [a] g i c;

She has those p.l.a.y.f.u.l. eyes
that are dangerously beautiful & inviting;

She is F I R E
waiting to light up y o u r world of darkness.

She is about to give c o l o u r
to your B&W world.

She is beauty
and she is everywhere;
| in old memories
& faded
d r e a m s. 
She lives amongst
and w i t h i n
US, conquering
with K I N D N E S S.
She is the b o o k you read just now,
taking you back to the good
old d a y s
the note you wrote this morning to your l o v e r. ]
Hairspray Cyprus.
welcomes you
in a world
full of
Dare to be the way you want to be.
Dare to make changes.
Dare to live your life in your own terms.
Dare to dare. 
SHE. | Teaser video

Hairstylist Michael Eliades 
Hairstudio Hairspray Cyprus
Fashion Stylist Antique à Boutique
MUA Makeup Art By Lambriana Savva
Model Argyro Nikolaou
Concept Designer Marianna Charalampous
Photographer Louis Lo
Creative concept by Aimerlavie


A concept, an idea, come to life when a group of creatives collaborates and expands on the initial design of thought. The concept of Frida was captured to show how fierce women can be in the year of 2017 with the help of men like Michael Eliades, who is the owner of Hairspray Studio in Dali. 

Meet a vintage soul 

I always felt nostalgic of past times. So when Mihalis, an amazing hair stylist from Hairspray, recommended dying my hair in a different colour and doing a pin-up hairstyle for me I couldn’t resist and gladly said ‘please do as you wish’. He created a stunning result as you can see below, making me feel like a lady from a different era. Some friends called me Agent Carter, while others said i look like Jessica Rabbit; they all made me blush actually.

To my eyes, i look like a vintage soul coming to life from an old movie and I really love my new self. Isn’t all about loving yourself first, making Y O U happy, gaining an independent mind so nothing can touch you? I think i’m on the right track! Enjoy the journey back in time x

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Pin-up hairstyle by Michalis | Thank you for making me feel like a proper lady |

Powered by Hairspray

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Feeling Nostalgic

I’m the type of girl
that should’ve been born
in the era
of handwritten letters
and chocolate and flowers
the era where holding hands
was considered a big thing
when boys asked
a girl’s parents
for permission
to take her out
the era where
was real.




agent carter goast



Photo Credits Anima Mundi Photography

Vintage wintertime by Kasetophono