5 reasons to book a day with Vintage Ride

Vintage ride is our sister-brand and we are very happy to finally introduce it to everyone. At the moment all we can say is that we turned our hobby and passion into a full-time project and we offer VW campervan rentals for any occasion. As a blog, the best way to introduce our services (that are mostly reasons to smile rather than boring statements), is by giving you the 5 top reasons to book a day with Vintage Ride. Here it goes:

#1. Come closer with family or friends.

A campervan ride is the perfect excuse to come closer with family or friends and Vintage Ride loves bringing people together! There is beauty in simplicity and sometimes fun doesn’t mean speed or fancy cars – and let’s be honest; there is nothing like going on a roadtrip with a 47 yr old bus with your friends and relatives. Everything you do, from selfies to singing out loud ‘I’m a passenger la-la-la- is much more fun inside a campervan with everyone!

Tip: Perfect for birthday parties, bachelors, wedding rides and any other occasion that might come up.

#2. N o s t a l g i a

We love 60’s and 70’s. We bet if we had a time-machine we would definitely choose to go back to the good old days where Volkswagen Buses, hippies, love and peace were the main conversation piece amongst people. Well with Vintage Ride, we can satisfy the nostalgic souls of this century.

Tip: The bus allows you to fully dress up as boho girls, pin-up dolls and anything that can make you feel part of those years.

#3. Spreading happiness

There is not a single time we haven’t seen someone stranger smiling at the sight of our campervans. Everyone is happy around the buses and waves hello even if they don’t know us. We don’t know the true reason behind this kind gesture – but we really love making people happy.

Tip: Next time you see us, don’t be shy. Say hello and feel the good vibes flowing over your body 🙂

#4. More than a campervan!

Vintage Ride is a full experience. We pay attention at the music – creating varied playlists to keep you singing throughout the roadtrip. Small details, such as colourful balloons to make you feel like a kid again, the instant cameras we supply to you to keep memories alive through polaroid photos, a mini birthday cake just enough to make everyone sing for you and the decoration that combines perfectly with the campervan. We make sure you will have unique and unforgettable moments.

Tip: Ask the team behind the Vintage Ride for the best road trip experiences – we know better because we have tested every single route – we know where to stop, where to go, who to meet and how to keep you entertained all along.

#5. If you never try, you will never know.

Perhaps you think Vintage Ride is old- fashioned or your interests are elsewhere. Well, no problem we respect that. But we want to challenge you – come aboard and book a full day party with your friends. We promise we won’t say ‘we told you so’; instead we will say ”you’re welcome” for the most authentic experience.

Tip: We can make a great photo album – Bring your cameras, phones, props and all the gear you can get to make sure you have enough memories to take back home.

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