3 Actions you can take right now to make a change in the world

Visiting a school in Cambodia


We are all supposed to be brothers and sisters on this planet. According to our DNA, we all have our origins from Africa. That makes me wonder why most of us consider ourselves above the others. Each of us is special and unique. We all are pieces of this huge puzzle and we need at least to be kind to each other. Help the lady cross the street but also the poor man who is asking for food at the corner. Share your smile with the world because you never know who might need it. Visit Wall of Kindness in Nicosia and leave a book or a toy for others to pick up.

You can download Good Deeds application on your phone to remind you to do a daily act of kindness! How cool is that?

Kenya Volunteering Trip with ActionAid


Help the crisis in East Africa that is about to cost the lives of millions of children until the end of this year 2017. With the other volunteers from Kenya and Ethiopia, we have created a crowdfunding on Action Aid’s website to raise money for the new campaign ‘Support AA actions in East Africa- Be a part of the solution, not the problem’. The financial transparency Action Aid has with their supporters is unparallel to others, that is why I chose them 8 years ago and I’m still supporting them. I simply cannot understand why and how all these kids will die in the 21st century and I won’t try to help them, by making my contribution to a trustworthy organization and create a real change! If you share this thought with me, please follow this link and the steps accordingly:  http://www.actionaid.gr/upostirixe-mas/crowdfunding/kampanies/ekdiloseis/201703/epeigousa-voitheia-gia-tin-anatoliki-afriki/


All these plastic bags you use when you go to the supermarket can be replaced by bags that are reusable at a reasonable price. The toys your kid throws away every once in a while can be recycled into something different by local artists or shops. Ask around! Pick up trash in any chance you have, either when you walk by the beach or you go to a local park with your children. What about all these clothes you keep in your wardrobe and you never wear? Give them away or swap with other friends or families. Don’t be shy! Alexandros can advise you on recycling solutions as he is the founder of Tesura Cyprus and a key member of Atoms of Change (https://www.facebook.com/AtomsOfChange/ ). The wine bottles can turn into foundations of a small sustainable house – bet you didn’t know that. Practice the 3R’s until it becomes normal to you and your surroundings. And be honest with yourself – Do you really need another pair of shoes or that latest technology gadget? Mmm, I didn’t think so.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves. And that, my friends, it is way more difficult.

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