People that pour their soul into their craft: George

AimerLaVie presents the project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.

People that pour their soul into their craft: George

I’ve been meaning to do this interview for a long time now so I’m content that I finally put it together since George and I have a long history. I met him in my uni years in the UK and it felt like we knew each other for a long time – up to this day he remains a true friend, always next to me and my family. So why am I writing about this guy here? Because he is a special human making a difference to the world. He is a man who pours his soul into his craft – his job? your next- door- baker! Starting his studies from Cyprus and Switzerland, he has gained invaluable experience in some of the London’s most renowned hospitality spots and in local Mediterranean restaurants in Seville, Spain.

All this culinary experiences made him realize he always loved cooking and most specifically he had an obsession with bread. So he followed this obsession and created his own wild yeast in 2016. Since then he is carrying it around while pouring its magic to each bit of bread he does.

In his micro-bakery called Honest Bread that is located in Strovolos, he handcrafts alone all kinds of sourdough bread that are 100% natural with no preservatives and no sugar. My favorite one is quinoa, you should try it! At Honest Bread, from Tuesday to Saturday, you can also find pastries and sandwiches – HONESTly try the vegan ones, they are heavenly made. If you taste his handcrafted croissant, i promise, life will never be the same again. My son begs me every week to bring him croissants from Uncle George – ”they are the best croissants in the world” he says.

Tip: Try visit on a Saturday as it is the only day where you can have the chance to buy a special bread – keep an eye for breads like spirulina & beetroot sourdough bread or sourdough pumpkin bread.

5 Q&A’s with George about Honest Bread

1 At the age of only 29, you own the micro-bakery Honest bread becoming our next-door’s baker. How come?

Coming back to Cyprus I saw the need that people had for quality bread and personally I wanted to devote myself to sourdough bread. To me keeping a sourdough culture alive requires good time management, lots of affection and a number of things like the perfect weather, water, air, flour and bacteria to make a piece of perfection; it is a daily challenge and a constant process I would happily go through day after day. So I guess I found what I would love to do as a full-time job and just did it. In my case the common quote ‘Do what you love, Love what you do’ fits perfectly.

2 Everyone seems to go crazy about your breads and pastries. What is the secret behind them?

Simple. I only use pure ingredients with no preservatives. My philosophy is that there is no second day product on our shelves – we want to serve only fresh products on a daily basis.

Tip: if you visit the bakery in the last 20 minutes before closing time, there is a big chance on taking something extra at home with no charge as George won’t save any products for the next day.

3 What is your goal regarding your job?

To do what I love. I don’t want any money or glory. I just want to be able to begin and finish my day smiling and feeling content with myself.

4 Who is your inspiration in culinary life? I know that almost everyday you wake up at 4am, there must be someone who motivates you doing this.

Oh, I have all sorts of inspiration depending on the occasion. But for my passion, I find inspiration in: Chad Robertson – he is a bread genius to me, Nancy Silverton – she is obsessed with bread and she is the one that started it all before it became a trend (watch her inspiring story at Netflix series Chef’s table Season 3 – Episode 3) and of course Zac the baker because he is honest! 🙂 Seeing these people doing their craft, helps me a lot. I personally know i’m not a baker yet. Being a baker is a big thing for me… Maybe in a few years but now I still have a lot to learn. And I intend to never stop learning from the best…

5 What is your advice to the young generation that wants to start their own business?

Lots of patience and lots of persistence. There will be difficult days. There will be easy days. You need to continue even when you are tired. You need to be ready when something happens out of the blue and messes up your day. Life happens and you need to be strong. Never give up!

| Small talks with George |

Zodiac: Sagittarius

I would like to live in: Seville, Spain.

A song that is on repeat for the past week: Plastic Soldiers by Portugal. the Man

Take me back to: Lausanne days.

If I had a superpower I would love: to be a thief so I could steal money and give them to the ones in need.


#socialmedia FB: Honest Bread Bakery | Instagram @honestbreadcy

Address: Aristofanous 25, Strovolos | Google map

For customized orders and more info at 99 948464

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