Handmade Lover: Maria!

1st of January. It has been an amazing 2014 and I say goodbye with a big smile. Here is to 2015; may it bring all the love and health the world needs. And some more creativity and passion to our lives. So I begin the new year with a big post about a handmade artist to spread some inspiration.

Last September we organised an incredible party for my newborn son’s christening ceremony. The decoration was in the hands of a very skilled person and dear friend of mine, Maria Petridou, mother of the godmother of my baby. Maria as soon as she heard about the pregnancy she committed fully herself to the making of this event. She invested her time to make handmade decorations for the nautical themed party. It was SPECTACULAR!!! All the guests that day were amazed by how beautiful everything was set and the colors of blue, white and yellow were in perfect harmony. This Christmas Maria has created pretty vintage decorations for the whole house and I couldn’t but interview her and take some photos to show you what special talent she has and needs to be shared with the rest of the world!

Here is my 3Q&A with Mrs.Maria:

Q: What’s your passion?

A: Firstly I would like to say that my passion involves two things. ‘Diosmos&Kanela’ kitcher bar and bistro where I give a lot of energy and my handmade decorations where I spend a lot of time doing myself. It’s my hobby, it’s not my job. I always create things or make arrangements with flowers either for Christmas, Easter or some special occasion for example a christening.

Q: What is one material you love to work with?

A: I usually use fabric and fake flowers. The materials are not expensive but it’s all about my efforts and the time I take to make things happen.

Q: What is your next step?

A: Me and one of my friends are working currently to create an exhibition for next year. It will include handmade dolls and we hope to organize it by next winter. I don’t think I could create a company for this purpose because it’s something difficult in Cyprus. I can’t find all the materials I would use to my decorations. People love decorations and they would pay for it even if it’s period of crisis. That being said, I don’t always sell everything and I end up giving them as gifts to my loved ones.

*You can contact Maria Petridou for any kind of decoration at her mobile: 99427296 or go downtown Nicosia and meet her in person at her restaurant “Diosmos&Kanela”.

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