People that make me fall in love [vol.5]

AimerLaVie presents a new project ‘People that are special’,  hoping to capture the magic of authenticity and beauty in each one’s life. For me the selection of these people is unique; they are unknown heroes amongst reality, warriors of their truth, fighters of life… these people are you, me and everyone else who is searching for a path, a light, an end to the tunnel. Enjoy the journey as the story of each individual unveils.



Christina is a charismatic young lady; you just love her by that cute face she has but mostly because of her confidence. Her energy is abundant just like her creativity and she generously shares these gifts with the world mostly through her blogging skills at StudentLifeTrends. Every time she posts on the blog she makes me fall in love either with her wavy hair or her vintage outfits and her clever ideas… Christina is unique in style and character; easy going and social she makes a good example for others and sets the standards high.
Christina is a fashion editor at StudentLifeTrends. |
Stay updated with Christina’s news | Follow her on Instagram @christinargyrou  | 



  1. My greatest strength: My family, my friends, my colleagues.
  2. My favourite style: romantic – vintage.
  3. My bucket list includes a flight in a hot air balloon in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  4. Next travel destination: Greek Islands.
  5. I wish I could make everyone happy.
  6. The essential products I use for make-up: Essence mascara, Mac lip pencil (spice), and Mac blush, Seventeen eyebrow pencil.
  7. Quote of the day: “Smile. It’s contagious”.
  8. A message I want to share with all the women: You are so unique and beautiful. Feel confident about yourselves and show them what you can do.
  9. Best compliment I have received so far is that I look like a fairy.
  10. Love is the greatest thing that God has given us. It’s when you feel that the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.♡


I had the pleasure to spend a Saturday afternoon with her in the premises of Solomou Garden Centre. The team there prepared for her a beautiful Flower hair wreath and a stunning Flower bouquet. The photo shooting was fun, colourful and full of love, just in time for today.

To celebrate the love for life we created a portfolio with what we believe is pure magic.

[Find us on Instagram: AimerLaVie]






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