| Do you believe in magic? |

“Do you believe in magic?”


W I L D is her favorite colour







Every soul is royal



Always keep that little place where the magic grows inside of you, A L I V E!


Photography by @helenadimitriou 

Makeup artist @Lambriana.Savva  

Handmade headpiece ‘Mermaid’s crown’ by @aimerlavieco

There is a quote by Chick Palahniuk I really endorse in my life lately; “We can spend our entire lives letting the world tell us who we are… or we can decide for ourselves.”

I love the freedom of choosing who I want to be every single day. To be flexible with my looks and my hobbies, to explore myself and my wants, to be water and take the shape of many different things…

So last month I woke up one day and said to myself that I really wanted to be a mermaid for a day. I wanted to feel the magic I used to find in all those books when I was a little girl. I didn’t have the tail but that didn’t stop me from creating my own crown made of seashells from the sea. You see, it’s up to our imagination to create our own little world. Little difference does it make to me, what the world believes about how I look or how I behave… I just want to live every single day with the full authority to be anything I want. I believe in magic, whether that is looking at a red rose by the morning sunlight of the day or listening to the waves somewhere, close to a remote beach. Being a mermaid made me feel that actually fairy tales do exist, we just have to create them for ourselves. we need to work for it, to plan for it and to execute it. It needs patience though, as something so beautiful, so magical needs time to grow and mature well.


Of course, any photo shooting would fail if behind the scenes the actual mastermind – the photographer – wasn’t gifted enough! Helena Dimitriou made me feel as a part of the ocean, talking to me in such a way that I was completely a different person – I became a mermaid for a while and that was truly unique. She is an original and guess what? She loves portraits and conceptual photography!:)

Follow her please on FB for more photo material (Click HERE)

To be a mermaid in this occasion, couldn’t be possible without the expertise of an amazing makeup artist and for this photo-shooting, I chose Lambriana Savva – a talented lady with astounding skills that understood the concept and wanted to take on the challenge.


Book a session with Lambriana through her page on FB (Click HERE)

‘Do you believe in magic?

I know I do.’

At Aimerlavie we want to create magic; therefore we blend creativity with beauty and we produce unique elements for special occasions. ‘Mermaid’s crown’, our handmade headpiece was carefully made with real seashells from the sea, unique shiny pearls and lots of blue details and shimmering love by Marianna.


Have a chat with us on Facebook to work on a special gift for your loved ones; it could be anything- SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Making people happy:) One step at a time…


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